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Is Dean Koontz the Bestselling Christian Author Ever?

Is Odd Thomas a saint?

His name is Odd. Not Todd. Odd. When you look into the origins of his name, they aren't clear. Maybe it was some strange kind of family name. Perhaps it was a mistake on the birth certificate. The young man's parents aren't sure themselves. It is as if the Lord wanted to express the metaphysical truth of this exceptional individual and so arranged to have him legally proclaimed Odd. Odd is a saint, a short order cook, a man of sorrows, a gentle spirit who sometimes has to be violent, a person in possession of immediate and personal proof of the afterlife, and, therefore, a natural enemy of nihilism because he knows that everything counts. Odd frequently finds himself surrounded by the darkest darkness. It is sometimes literally chilling, but the ultimate effect is to make his goodness shine more brilliantly.
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Karyn said...

I think Koontz is setting Odd Thomas up to be a saint. I love the series. In one interview (EWTN, Relevant Radio--not sure) Koontz says that in each book Odd is being perfected in one of the virtues.

I like his books and see the violence in a similar way that Flannery O'Connor used violence; a way to expose grace rejected and a fallen world.

Koontz definitely writes from a Catholic world view--the dignity of the human person (he often has characters who are disabled in some way), the rejection of various philosophies, (such as relativism, utalitarianism, nihilism), the flaw of putting man at the service of technology, grace perfecting nature, and others.

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