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French Education Minister: We Must Destroy the Catholic Church

This is what they think. Really think.

You will never be able to build a free nation with the Catholic Church." This wasn't uttered by Voltaire or Georges Danton, but the reigning French Education Minister from a 2008 interview, Vincent Peillon, at the launch of his book, La Révolution française n'est pas terminée (The French Revolution is Not Yet Over), as Tempos reported. According to Peillon "a revolution can take place not only in material terms. They must also take place in the mind. Now we made the revolution mainly politically, but not the moral and spiritual. We have left the morality and spirituality of the Catholic Church. We have to replace them."
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Sarah said...

Spoken like a true Mason.

tuleesh said...

Oh, really? As if French Republicanism will fill the void. PileOn should best prepare for the mutawa to be trolling the streets of gay Paree.

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