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"Every month is a good month to be gay at Georgetown."

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

“Every month is a good month to be gay at Georgetown.” That’s what Thomas Lloyd, president of Georgetown’s campus Pride group, reportedly told The New York Times for today’s article on the Jesuit University in Washington, D.C., and its growing homosexual “culture” on campus. Citing Georgetown’s Gender Liberation Week, Gay Pride Month, “coming out” parties, “kiss in” demonstrations, Genderfunk drag ball and “Lavender Graduation” ceremony attended by the University president, the Times labels Georgetown a “gay-friendly campus.”
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Proteios1 said...

I guess the ad part is multi-fold.
1. The activities on a catholic campus that are clearly against church teachings
2. The level of activism by homosexuals dwarves that of most Christian groups, which is also part reason for the success. That and the "I'm making up for our societies poor reception of black civil rights, which is just what gays are going through" (also, don't say that to black people who actually were treated horribly and had fought hard for civil rights).
3. That the campus not just permits, which they can't control all things, but funds and promotes, which it does have some control over, these activities.

I say, just give up the name as a catholic institution. Lists consolidate and move on.

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