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Dana Loesch Was Scared, Broke, and Pregnant

She chose life and urges men to stop being silent about abortion.

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch claimed modern-day feminism is all about “making women feel like they can’t survive without the government’s assistance” while guest hosting the Glenn Beck Program Monday. “I would know, because I was one of ‘em,” she said. Loesch proceeded to share the moving story behind why she rejected “liberal feminist dis-empowerment” in 2001 because “I grew tired of these people telling me that as a woman, I wasn’t strong enough to raise a child in my circumstances.”
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Proteios1 said...

Feminism is a form of dependence. It's ignorant and dare is say, anti woman.
We need a new term like "womanism" or something to define pro women ideals. I'm a man, so this isn't up to me, but as a husband what I see is a fusion of old values and new ideas. The important part is to distill the good ones and not destroy culture and retain most of the bad ones.
For example, woman are smart and can have nearly any career they choose. That's a real choice. Family life is very pro woman, as men are designed to provide for their wife and children. So much so that men endure professions such as miner, bomb defuser or stock broker to provide a stable home environment for raising children. Humility in realizing raising a family is a career break and society must support it. How? By permitting reentry into the workforce. Removing barriers to part time or telecommute, etc. whatever in service to family and however mom and dad decide to best accomplish that in an economy that has deliberately or accidentally become very anti family.

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