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Crystal Cathedral Becomes St. Callistus

Remains an eyesore.

On the plaza of the future Christ Cathedral, 3,000 chairs and 7,000 water bottles awaited the faithful. On Saturday, before Mass welcomed families from St. Callistus Church to their new home, an organizer said into the microphone: "Those sitting in the sun will get more blessings from God." The service on the grounds once belonging to the Crystal Cathedral started on time at 4 p.m., as a parade of priests led by Bishop Kevin Vann let their words — English, sprinkled with Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese — embrace the multicultural crowd
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Gail Finke said...

St. Callistus? That really rolls off the tongue.

Anonymous said...

Ugly? Yes. Protestant? Yes. Still an improvement on the Taj Mahoney? YES!!!

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