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What Should Be Done About Boston College?

I have some ideas but involve fumigation and salt.

Once again Boston College has openly defied Church teaching by honoring the radically pro-abortion Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the annual commencement ceremony. Cardinal O’Malley is quoted as saying that he was “sure that the invitation was made in good faith, long before” Kenny’s legislative action “came to the attention of the leadership of Boston College.” With all due respect to Cardinal O’Malley, who is a holy man and deeply devoted to the pro-life cause, I am clearly perplexed as to why he would allow the administration at Boston College to honor Enda Kenny, despite his strong objections.
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tuleesh said...

It's terrible to think it. But, maybe everything has to "all fall down." So that the only need Christians will have is for Christ. Then, maybe, "rebuilding" will be as G-d wills.
In the meantime, Boston college has to stop riding on the Catholic name. Any prelate willing to do the Lord's work?

How long, O Lord? How long.

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