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Video: Abortion activists hijack Texas legislature, block vote on Gosnell-inspired limits

Chaos. Madness.

After the horrors revealed by the trial of Kermit Gosnell and his co-defendants for murder and negligent homicide, and especially for the filthy and inhumane conditions allowed by the state of Pennsylvania for the “Women’s Health Clinic,” one might think that abortion activists would be a little embarrassed to stage a splashy demonstration against a bill that limited abortions to 20 weeks and forced clinics to meet the same requirements as any other out-patient surgical center in a state. One would be sorely mistaken in Texas, apparently. When Republicans brought a bill to the state Senate floor to do both, a Democrat filibustered the bill for over 10 hours, interrupted with just minutes to spare for the final vote before the session expired. That’s when the gallery shouted down legislators and obstructed its operation, forcing Republicans to conceded that they couldn’t get the vote finished in time:
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