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The Vatican on the Ethics of ADHD Meds

With the rampant diagnosing of ADHD, it's good to know that people are looking into this. Dr. Greg Popcak has the details:

Apparently some Cardinals have been having a hard time paying attention in long curial meetings. Kidding aside, although I am aware that the various Pontifical Councils regularly host scientific conferences on a variety of current medical and social problems, even I was surprised to learn of the large discussion on ADHD and medication that was recently hosted by the Pontifical Council for Healthcare Workers. One of the presenters has a very interesting summary of reactions to his presentation in which he argued against both the effectiveness and ethics of prescribing medication for ADHD. His findings–that research shows no real benefit of stimulus-based medication treatment, research based evidence showing medical and psychological problems associated with stimulus-based treatment, and that there are ethical concerns with the practice–raised eyebrows.
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