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The Purge Isn't Just a Bad Movie, It's Kinda' Anti-Christian

I suspected this one would be bad. I was right. I love being right. It's like totally so much better than being wrong. I didn't see the anti-Christian angle coming though, I must admit.

It’s the year 2022, and America has returned to economic strength and domestic peace. Unemployment is at 1%. Poverty has nearly been eliminated. Crime is almost unheard of, except on one day of the year which the New Founders have established so that everyone can vent their latent hatred and bigotry without consequence … except on select government officials, of course. The rest of America can “purify their souls” through 12 hours of mayhem, murder, and anarchy known as The Purge. It’s big business for James Sandin and his family, but this year, the purge hits very close to home … literally.
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RobC said...

Makes me think of the Star Trek episode, Return of the Archons:

" The entire culture is ruled over by cloaked and cowled "lawgivers", controlled by a reclusive dictator known as Landru. The only time the people "let loose" is at the striking of "The Red Hour" (at 6:00pm), starting "Festival": a period of violence, destruction and sexual aggressiveness which apparently is the only time Landru does not exercise control over them."

BriannaFox said...

It depends on what your definition of christian actually is. If you mean *upstanding citizen that helps people without wanting something in return* thats a humanitarian. If you mean rude, obnoxious, arrogant self serving jerk that serves Jesus, yeah that is my experience with christians. Face it, there is nothing good about the christian faith. The purge is probably for people that believe the rules dont apply to them. That is most definitely something i could see a lot of Jesus freaks cashing in on.

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