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So The Pope Is Human. So?

Fr. Ray Blake writes:

So, the Pope puts his foot in his mouth from time to time, is it bit too spontaneous, sometimes says foolish things, suggests people don't get too anxious about a letter from the CDF, he's a bit disparaging about a campaign to get people to say the Rosary for him, he talks about "gay lobbies" in the Vatican and old nun's with money.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

This response from Fr. Mark in the post's comment thread is spot on:

I am sorry Father but this is putting a brave face on a situation which is quite grave. Popes are not benevolent old uncles whose maunderings can be dismissed with a smile. This whole way of speaking is inept, often incoherent, theologically approximate (counting rosaries may be bizarre, but in what way is it Pelagian?), sometimes discourteous to individuals or whole categories of Catholics who are trying to serve the Church faithfully - in a word: unworthy of a Pontiff. To encourage people to disregard with a nod and a wink the structures of the Congregation for doctrine is to incite anarchy, and fatally undermine the work of those who are trying to serve the Pope and the Church. I am increasingly of the opinion that this pope is a loose canon, intellectually lightweight and in short a liability for the Church. It is of little consolation that he is in some respects conservative, since he multiplies immoderate statements which cancel each other out (he who does not pray to Christ prays to the devil, but atheists are saved too). A friend of mine says he is making the Church liked again. I beg to disagree - he is making HIMSELF liked by distancing himself from the Church. God help us.

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