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Sex Ed in Gov't Run Schools

And we wonder why everything's going to hell.

My husband chaperoned a 7th grade field trip yesterday (I know...why would someone do that voluntarily?!). His perception was how much he enjoyed the kids, how loud they were, how easily they became embarrassed, how full of life, how well behaved and how not too different they were than he was many years ago in 7th grade. Kids are kids. What did change from when he was in 7th grade was the "health" curriculum.
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Mary De Voe said...

Teachers teach “in loco parentis” a legal term used to identify the work of the teacher. Teachers may not teach anything without the parents’ consent, even by example. The teacher’s right to indoctrinate uninformed, legally minor, un-emancipated citizens who have no informed sexual consent to give, whose sexual consent is held in trust for them by God, by their parents and by the state and only in that order is indefensible. Everything else is kidnapping by the state.
The judge in a court of law knows exactly what "in loco parentis" means. It is no small precedent that in the Ninth Circuit in California, parents were told that when their children crossed the threshold of the school, the parents had nothing to say about what they were being taught. Kidnapping by the state. Indoctrination is verbal abuse. An education is teaching minor children how to think, not what to think. Place the syllabus on the ballot.Posted on the blog.

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