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Santa Muerte, a Sinister and infernal Cult, Spreads Into US

Venere Murcernui reports:

And, I would say, satanic. For those who don’t know, “santa muerte,” or holy death, is a bizaare satanic cult with some “Catholic” trappings has spread like wildfire through Mexico and Central America in the past decade or so, fueled by the huge drug gangs and the collapse in the practice of the Catholic Faith. It has, through immigration, spread into the United States, as well. Bishop Michael D. Pfeifer of San Angelo has some strong words of condemnation for this death-worshipping cult (I add emphasis and comments):
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Anonymous said...

That's veneremurcernui to you, bub.

Thanks for the link! I also go by tantamergo - my deliberately mispelled "humble" name - and Tantumblogo, by snarky name.

When I really want to have a fit, I'm Tantrumblogo.

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