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Pelosi on Gosnell, late-term abortion, and faith: "This is sacred ground to me."


An instant classic from John McCormack. John thinks her “sacred ground” comment at the end is a reference to late-term abortion; I think he’s giving her too much credit in assuming that she’s making a coherent, if reprehensible, point. This looks to me like she was caught completely off-guard by the question and was scrambling to get away from it, which is surprising given that just yesterday a House committee approved Trent Franks’s bill banning most abortions nationwide after 22 weeks. Last month Pelosi called the facts of the Gosnell case “really disgusting” while remaining vague about precisely which parts of it disgusted her and which parts were kinda sorta acceptable. Was it the filthy conditions at Gosnell’s clinic that endangered his patients’ health that appalled her, or was it Gosnell slicing the spines of live-born babies and then dumping the remains into shoeboxes and toilets? The ideal answer is “both.” Is that Pelosi’s answer?
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