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On Men, Women, and Pregnancy Tests

Colleen Duggan writes a wonderful piece. Check it out:

My eyes flickered open at 5 am sharp, a full ten minutes before the alarm sounded, and the first thought I had was about that test. I needed to take the pregnancy test I hid under a pile of underwear in my top dresser drawer. I threw the down comforter off my body and tiptoed to the bureau. I didn't need to take a pregnancy test, really. I already knew it was positive, but because I love to see things in black and white (or in this case bright blue), I took the test anyway. The control line was clearly blue but the second line, the one which confirms a pregnancy, was faint. But, after 7 pregnancies and six kids, if there's one thing I know it's this: there are no false positives. We were going to have another baby. I took a few cleansing breaths and thought, We can do this. Everything will be fine. Another baby? No problem. Then I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving, "Thank you, Lord, for this gift of life. I'm continually amazed you trust me this much. Perhaps you shouldn't?"
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