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Limbaugh: Abortion at the Root of Cultural Decay

Breitbart reports:

During his radio show on Friday, Rush Limbaugh told his listeners, “I think abortion is at the root of so much that has and is going wrong in this country.” The conservative host went on to discuss that the reason why amnesty is essential to the liberal agenda is because abortion has, since Roe v. Wade in 1973, wiped out millions of potential taxpayers. The Democrat Party, Limbaugh said, has turned to amnesty as a means to ensure a “permanent underclass” in order to continue its image as the party of big government entitlements.
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Proteios1 said...

I think he is looking at a symptom more than a cause, but no doubt the sex as recreation is the problem. Disconnecting sex with a devoted marital relationship and with the likelihood or potential for children. Disconnecting these intimately interwoven aspects are the true error not how we as a culture deal with the disconnection and consequences of these aspects being forcibly separated.
Consider any scenario where a single person is on the pill. That is NOT a recipe for the acceptance of pregnancy. So when NOT if pregnancy occurs, well...ending the developing life prematurely is viable. Also, imagine this mindset being foisted on young people. Try think its the norm, but when pregnancy occurs, imagine the fear and susceptibility to the abortion industry. The same pushers of the mindset that gives us the pill and the recreational sex.
Also, these people are immature, and many haven't developed careers or solid relationships, so males who have serious responsibility issues and the women....or girls who 'don't need a man' decide to raise their child, then you have all sorts of societal issues. This "casualty" of the faulty logic described above makes kids and families susceptible to all sorts of social ills. Still. The right choice under the circumstances.
One can measure the success of this mindset by the huge increase in children and women in poverty, low education, broken homes, risk factors. Bottom line, this ain't working. That horrible ol patriarchy may have gotten this one right. Twernt perfect, but we didn't deliberately encourage risky and self destructive behavior because it was fun.

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