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Homosexuality Embraced at Catholic Colleges, Study Finds

Catholic identity?

Homosexual students and culture are gaining acceptance at many Catholic colleges and universities across the United States. At least that's the conclusion of Michael O'Laughlin, a graduate of Saint Anselm College writing at Religion & Politics, on "Being Gay at a Catholic University."
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Proteios1 said...

I'm not sure how to distinguish this, but being a homosexual versus acting on it are two different things. It's the act that's the sin. The SSA is the struggle that God has out before them, I suspect. What is not acceptable is anything that attempts to "get approval" for the sin...or any sin. The person is always to be viewed with love and compassion as we should for any and all of us. So I fear the student groups are not tup like AA or NA. They are probably not support groups, but groups looking to normalize the sin itself.

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