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Coming into Conservatism Progressively

One of my favorite pro-lifers Mary Beth Hagan writes of her conversion to conservatism:

During my first decade as a voter in the 1970s, I leaned liberal. The Democrats claimed to care more about the middle to lower working class and the poor. I'm not sure why I believed them, since I'd adopted a cynicism about politics in general, and the Republicans in particular, thanks to the Watergate scandal. Maybe it was an emotional response to another current event. The second wave women's movement was in full swing. What 20-something female did not want to be a part of a sisterhood demanding employment opportunities equal to those of men? Marching to the women's lib beat was just fine with me until I worked as a secretary for a disagreeable libber who was all about equal rights — hers and hers alone. By the 1980s, more than few voices in the news reports that I avidly read irritated me.
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