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A Letter to My Children

Randy Hain writes:

Have you ever experienced regret in your life because of something you did not share with a loved one? Do you ever reflect on lessons you wish you had taught your children as they make avoidable mistakes later in life? As my wife and I watch our kids rapidly grow up and the years seem to pass in the blink of an eye, we are eager to coach, guide and teach them how to prepare for the world which awaits them. But, we often feel inadequate to this daunting task and wonder if we are doing enough. This idea of not doing enough weighed on my mind yesterday morning, so I decided to write a letter to my sons which I hope will capture much of what I want to share with them now and in the future. My hope is they will read and re-read this letter for the rest of their lives and one day share these lessons with their own children.
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