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Should We Set Aside "Marriage" and Use "Holy Matrimony" Instead?

Really interesting piece from Msgr. Charles Pope:

In the wake of the supreme court decisions of this week, I would like to return to a question I have Asked before: Are we coming to a point where we should consider dropping our use of the word “marriage?” It is a simple fact that word “marriage” as we have traditionally known it is being redefined in our times. To many in the secular world the word no longer means what it once did and when the Church uses the word marriage we clearly do not mean what the increasing number of states mean.
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Vatican Accountant Under Arrest

HotAir reports:

Pope Francis pledged to reform the Curia and resolve the cloud over the Institute for Religious Works (IOR in Italian), commonly known as the Vatican Bank. Earlier this week, the pontiff appointed a five-member commission to delve deeply into the IOR’s operations, but Italian authorities pressed on with their own investigations. Earlier today, they arrested a suspended accountant from a Vatican financial group after he tried to smuggle €20 million ($26 million) into Italy from Switzerland:
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Homosexuality Embraced at Catholic Colleges, Study Finds

Catholic identity?

Homosexual students and culture are gaining acceptance at many Catholic colleges and universities across the United States. At least that's the conclusion of Michael O'Laughlin, a graduate of Saint Anselm College writing at Religion & Politics, on "Being Gay at a Catholic University."
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The Vatican on the Ethics of ADHD Meds

With the rampant diagnosing of ADHD, it's good to know that people are looking into this. Dr. Greg Popcak has the details:

Apparently some Cardinals have been having a hard time paying attention in long curial meetings. Kidding aside, although I am aware that the various Pontifical Councils regularly host scientific conferences on a variety of current medical and social problems, even I was surprised to learn of the large discussion on ADHD and medication that was recently hosted by the Pontifical Council for Healthcare Workers. One of the presenters has a very interesting summary of reactions to his presentation in which he argued against both the effectiveness and ethics of prescribing medication for ADHD. His findings–that research shows no real benefit of stimulus-based medication treatment, research based evidence showing medical and psychological problems associated with stimulus-based treatment, and that there are ethical concerns with the practice–raised eyebrows.
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Chief Rabbi: Atheism has Failed. Only Religion Can Defeat the New Barbarians

Wow. Great piece.

The West is suffering for its loss of faith. Unless we rediscover religion, our civilisation is in peril
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Living a Luminous Life or What I Learned From Zombie Movies

Sherry writes:

If we want to see darkness, all we need do is turn on the news. Even our entertainment seems to reveal a fascination and awareness that there is a gathering dark. Our movies are full of monsters and apocalypses, of all that is good and green being destroyed and burned in favor of the uniformity of creatures consumed by the need to consume, stripped all of beauty, all of individuality and capacity for charity. There are the predators (the destroyers of the world) and the prey (the not yet consumed and ever yet dwindling group of increasingly vulnerable people).
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12 Movies That Filmed Happy Endings You Never Saw


Everybody likes a happy ending... right? Actually, no. Sometimes a happy ending is the absolute wrong thing for a movie, because it throws away everything the film-makers worked to build up throughout the film. Sometimes, a movie has to end with fire, tears or blood. Here are 12 movies that had happy endings, but scrapped them.
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Why The Court's Decision on Marriage is Sooooo Much Worse Than You Thought

Did they just win the culture war?

These decisions, handed down by the Court today, affect to be limited in their reach, but they are even worse than they appear, and they cannot be cabined. They lay down the predicates for litigation that will clearly unfold now, and with short steps sure to come, virtually all of the barriers to same-sex marriage in this country can be swept away. Even constitutional amendments, passed by so many of the states, can be overridden now. The engine put in place to power this drive is supplied by Justice Kennedy’s “hate speech,” offering itself as the opinion of the Court in U.S. v. Windsor.
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Scalia: DOMA Decision "Jawdropping."

The people have no say:

In a blistering rebuke of the Supreme Court decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, Justice Antonin Scalia said the self-governing power of the people has been eroded. "Today's opinion aggrandizes the power of the court to pronounce the law," Scalia wrote in the dissenting opinion. It will have the predictable consequence of diminishing the "power of our people to govern themselves," wrote Scalia, who was joined in his dissent by Justices Clarence Thomas and Chief Justice John Roberts, while Justice Samuel Alito wrote a separate dissenting opinion. Scalia described the "assertion of judicial supremacy over the people’s representatives in Congress and the executive" as "jaw-dropping."
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AP's Abominable (but familiar) Pro-Abortion Bias

Mollie Hemingway does a great job here:

So I guess the Associated Press’ reportorial staff in Texas is on vacation this week. Good for them! I hope they’re having a great time. Not good for news consumers, though, as AP coverage of the Texas legislature couldn’t be worse right now. Take this four-paragraph, six-sentence story published on USA Today that began:
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The People Have No Standing Before the Court

This makes no sense to me. Hot Air reports:

I’m still working my way through the Prop 8 decision, but legal eagles who have read it are invited to help me out. Forget the gay-marriage stuff for a second and focus on the process. Am I right in understanding that the Court’s now essentially held that if the people of a state pass a popular referendum on whatever subject and then that referendum is challenged and struck down at the trial-court level, they have no right to appeal? They get one bite at the apple and then, if the executive decides he doesn’t like the referendum enough to choose to appeal it himself, there’s nothing a single member of the public can do to ask an appellate court to reconsider the lower court’s decision — even though many millions of voters voted directly to enact the law? That seems … odd.
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Video: Abortion activists hijack Texas legislature, block vote on Gosnell-inspired limits

Chaos. Madness.

After the horrors revealed by the trial of Kermit Gosnell and his co-defendants for murder and negligent homicide, and especially for the filthy and inhumane conditions allowed by the state of Pennsylvania for the “Women’s Health Clinic,” one might think that abortion activists would be a little embarrassed to stage a splashy demonstration against a bill that limited abortions to 20 weeks and forced clinics to meet the same requirements as any other out-patient surgical center in a state. One would be sorely mistaken in Texas, apparently. When Republicans brought a bill to the state Senate floor to do both, a Democrat filibustered the bill for over 10 hours, interrupted with just minutes to spare for the final vote before the session expired. That’s when the gallery shouted down legislators and obstructed its operation, forcing Republicans to conceded that they couldn’t get the vote finished in time:
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We Need More Babies, It's a Stark Economic Fact

Francis Phillips writes:

Priests must combat ‘over-population’ agenda by preaching on marriage and openness to new life
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Toddler's Encounter with Pope "Unforgettable," Says Dad

Nice story.

The two year-old daughter of a Catholic News Agency bureau chief shared a brief but intimate greeting with Pope Francis on Sunday, leaving the girl and her father all smiles. “She was right at home with the Holy Father,” Alan Holdren, the head of CNA’s Rome bureau, said June 24. Isabel accompanied Holdren who was covering a special trip for disadvantaged children organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture and Trenitalia, an Italian train service.
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New Jersey Bans Trash Talk in High School Sports

Hmmm. State officials monitoring speech. That sounds very safe. Officials always had the option of throwing a flag if things got out of hand. I don't think we need state officials investigating children.

Witness the latest development in nanny state everyone-gets-a-trophy culture. Psyching out the opposing team with chatter is no longer allowed because fairness. Zenon Evans of Reason reports. Starting this fall, high school students in New Jersey who taunt each other during games will be subject to investigation not only by the state’s athletic association, but the state’s government.
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Pope Francis Shaking Up the Curia?

This could just be rumor and speculation but we'll see. David L has more:

Reports are coming out of Rome, that Pope Francis has called an emergency meeting of Cardinals who oversee the various departments (Sacred Congregations, et cetera) of the Roman Curia to discuss the future thereof. This is being interpreted by a number of Vatican watchers as heralding a major shakeup of the Vatican bureaucracy, such as was anticipated to happen in short order under this pontificate.
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Example #34,741 That Faith Is Dead In England

This would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Have you seen this? At a Church of England wedding ceremony, after the exchange of vows, the vicar led a disco flash mob in the sanctuary. And then continued with the ceremony!
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Santa Muerte, a Sinister and infernal Cult, Spreads Into US

Venere Murcernui reports:

And, I would say, satanic. For those who don’t know, “santa muerte,” or holy death, is a bizaare satanic cult with some “Catholic” trappings has spread like wildfire through Mexico and Central America in the past decade or so, fueled by the huge drug gangs and the collapse in the practice of the Catholic Faith. It has, through immigration, spread into the United States, as well. Bishop Michael D. Pfeifer of San Angelo has some strong words of condemnation for this death-worshipping cult (I add emphasis and comments):
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A Germaphobe Walks Into a Catholic Mass

Good vid from Brother Steve:

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Schools, Stop Penalizing Boys For Not Sitting Still Like Girls

A great article with some shocking statistics. Check it out:

This year's end-of-year paper purge in my middle school office revealed a startling pattern in my teaching practices: I discipline boys far more often than I discipline girls. Flipping through the pink and yellow slips--my school's system for communicating errant behavior to students, advisors, and parents--I found that I gave out nearly twice as many of these warnings to boys than I did to girls, and of the slips I handed out to boys, all but one was for disruptive classroom behavior.
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Where is God in All Of This?

A beautiful reflection from a mother:

Have you ever had to walk in the surgery parade, and have had to hand your child over to the hands of surgeons who are strangers? You know why I ask this question? Zoe 1.1 Maybe you haven’t had to walk in that parade, but you have had to sit in doctors offices and listen to words that no parent should ever hear. Words like retarded, deaf, blind, autism, even words that say no hope, and death. You know why I ask this question?
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The Father Who is There

Great article by Sam Guzman:

Recently, at the park with my wife and son, I witnessed one of the saddest sights I’ve seen in a long time. A little boy, about five or six, was there with his dad. Normally, this would be a wonderful thing, but the tragedy was, they weren’t spending time with each other. The dad was engrossed in his phone — ignoring his child. No matter what he tried, this little boy could not get his father’s attention. He jumped up and down yelling, “Dad! Dad! Look at me!” He climbed up the jungle gym, went down the slide, raced in circles, all the while hoping that he might win the affectionate glance, the loving interaction, of his father. But the dad wouldn’t even look up from his phone. He would respond with a distracted grunt, if that.
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Catholics Keep Abortion Legal

Who's to blame?

While the history of how Catholics have contributed and maintained the Culture of Death is mostly known. This article in Crisis Magazine by R. Cort Kirkwood summarizes this history . … But Pelosi’s eyewash aside, the real import of her remarks is that they remind us of an ugly truth: Catholic Democrats played a significant role in the creation of the contraceptive culture that led to the legalization of abortion. A Catholic, for instance, invented the birth-control pill, and it was Catholic clergy in Boston, for example, who cooperated in repealing the state’s ban on the sale of contraceptives. In 1963, Cardinal Richard James Cushing, Archbishop of Boston, appeared on a radio program and suggested that laws forbidding the sale of contraceptives should be repealed because “I have no right to impose my thinking, which is rooted in religious thought, on those who do not think as I do,” a reversal of his publicly stated position in 1948. Cushing was merely repeating what John F. Kennedy told the Houston Ministerial Association in 1960, which also prefigured Catholic New York Gov. Mario Cuomo’s famous “personally-opposed-but …” position on abortion.
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Pope's Snub of Concert Stuns Cardinals

Shaking things up.

A last-minute no-show by Pope Francis at a concert where he was to have been the guest of honor has sent another clear signal that he is going to do things his way and does not like the Vatican high life.
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Baptists, Catholics Join Together to Fight Abortion Mandate

Ecumenism is easy when you're being attacked.

The United States' two largest religious denominations have joined forces in an effort to protect freedom of conscience as full enforcement of the Obama administration's abortion/contraception mandate nears. The leading religious freedom spokesmen for Southern Baptists and American Roman Catholics—Russell D. Moore and William Lori, respectively—urged Congress in a letter Friday (June 21) to pass legislation designed to bolster conscience protections in health care.
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Small Miracle! Baby Rescued from Drain after Mother Flushed Him

Thank God.

In a bizarre incident, mirroring a similar one in China just weeks before, a woman has been arrested after allegedly flushing her child down a drainpipe. The woman said she wanted an abortion but couldn't afford one. The newborn child, a boy, was stuffed into a plastic bag, a hole poked so he could breathe, and was shoved into a drainpipe. The baby's arm was broken in the process and he cried for two days while stuck. Apartment residents became aware of the cries and assumed that a kitten may have become trapped and they contacted authorities to rescue the supposed animal.
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Author of Soros-funded CCHD Defense Stands by Report Despite Bevy of Omissions and Errors

Michael Hichborn reports:

On June 11, the liberal organization Faith in Public Life published a report attacking the investigative work of the Reform CCHD Now coalition, which has worked for nearly three years now to promote a thoroughgoing top-down reform of the U.S. Bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development after discovering that dozens of its grantees promote activities contrary to Catholic teaching.
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The House's Abortion Game Changer

I couldn't get very excited about the late-term abortion ban in the House because it's a show vote that has no chance of becoming law. But some smart people think it's a big deal. I'm willing to be a glass half full guy. Their argument is that this vote essentially puts Dems on the defensive because they'll have to defend late-term abortion showing themselves to be the true extremists. Maybe. But I don't see the GOP pushing this issue. Maybe I'm wrong. Hope so. Don't think so though.

In early evening on June 18, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 228 to 196 for a nationwide ban on abortions after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Though there is little chance the legislation will be approved or even voted on in the Democratic Senate, and none that it will be signed into law by President Obama, the June 18 vote has the potential to trigger the most dramatic shift in the abortion debate since the first election of a proabortion president back in 1992. In stark contrast to the recent liberal theme of attack on the “extreme” pro-life willingness to protect pregnancies caused by of rape and incest, from now on an unavoidable topic in elections of the future will be the extreme implications of the Left’s untiring advocacy of abortion on demand.
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The Fight To Change Young Minds on Gay "Marriage"

Uphill battle.

Ryan Anderson has planted himself on arguably the most unpopular stance for his generation: opposing gay marriage. At 31, Anderson has become one of the leading voices in the “millennial” generation against the legalization of gay marriage. With the upcoming Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage, his ideas have been circulated in conservative circles, giving him an influence beyond his years.
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What Really Happened at Komen?

Austin Ruse was there and explains all. A must read:

The clean sweep at the Komen Foundation is finally complete. A few days ago Komen founder Nancy Brinker finally lost her job as CEO. It took a while but they finally got rid of her, the woman who watched her sister suffer and die from breast cancer, who dedicated her life to eradicating the disease, who created one of the most successful global health charities in the world. They removed her for the crime of trying to defund Planned Parenthood. She’s being replaced by a woman some say had a hand in developing Obamacare and who has never run a non-profit. She was the last of the triumvirate who had the audacity to try and get Susan G. Komen for the Cure out of the culture wars around abortion.
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Amazing Vid: Toddler Falls 5 Stories, Caught By Postal Workers


They didn't have any time to plan this attempt to break her fall but... if you watch the video, they seem to all do the exact right thing in coordination with each other. I suppose people, especially men, have a lot of practice at catching things, but it's still kind of neat they they essentially form a circle around the point to which she'll fall and extend their arms out full to slow her down.
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The High Price of Feminism

Pundette has the story:

Today's must-read is David French's piece, When Love Grows Cold, on the toll feminism has taken on our most intimate and important relationships: One of the worst aspects of modern feminism has been its determined effort to turn mothers against their own children — to deem children not blessings to be loved but instead threats to all-important careers and self-fulfillment. My post yesterday — linking to the terrible story of a woman [Penelope Trunk] who aborted her child (late in her pregnancy) to preserve a short-lived volleyball career — is an extreme example, but the phenomenon crops up in other contexts as well. [. . .]
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Mom and Dad, I'm Pro-Life. A Coming Out Story

A great story from a young pro-lifer. Check it out:

Mom, Dad, I’m pro-life. The day I “outed” myself to my ultra-liberal family, I was terrified. These are the people who basically tried to bully me into aborting my son (aka, their grandson) back in 2011. Lord knows I love them, but I was seriously considering taking this to the grave. You’ve got to understand that I’ve always been the person in my family to keep my opinions to myself. Thank goodness I didn’t do that when I found out I was pregnant at 17 years old.
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Coming into Conservatism Progressively

One of my favorite pro-lifers Mary Beth Hagan writes of her conversion to conservatism:

During my first decade as a voter in the 1970s, I leaned liberal. The Democrats claimed to care more about the middle to lower working class and the poor. I'm not sure why I believed them, since I'd adopted a cynicism about politics in general, and the Republicans in particular, thanks to the Watergate scandal. Maybe it was an emotional response to another current event. The second wave women's movement was in full swing. What 20-something female did not want to be a part of a sisterhood demanding employment opportunities equal to those of men? Marching to the women's lib beat was just fine with me until I worked as a secretary for a disagreeable libber who was all about equal rights — hers and hers alone. By the 1980s, more than few voices in the news reports that I avidly read irritated me.
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Notre Dame Sister Could Face Disciplinary Action for Defiance of Bishop

This isn't even a matter of conscience. This is just a case of "I wanna' do what I wanna' do."

A member of the Sisters of Notre Dame has been warned that she could face expulsion from her religious order if she continues to work with a parish group that has broken away from the Cleveland diocese.
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Vatican theologians ‘have approved second John Paul II miracle’

The Catholic Herald reports:

Italian media are reporting that the canonisation of Blessed John Paul II is another step closer. Although the process is not complete and is supposed to be secret at this point, the Italian news agency ANSA and many Italian papers say Vatican sources confirmed yesterday that the theological consultants to the Congregation for Saints’ Causes affirmed that the description of prayers and events surrounding an alleged miracle provide evidence that the healing was accomplished through the intercession of the late pope.
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Obama: Religious Schools Encourage Divisiveness

This is how he sees religion.

Barack Obama actually made this claim at a speech in Belfast on Monday, but it seems to be gaining traction overnight. His claim, aimed at both Catholic and Protestant “schools and buildings,” came in prepared remarks rather than an extemporaneous response to a question. The Scottish Catholic Observer quotes the argument accurately:
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Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group Eulogized Tsarnaev as ‘Victim’ of Gun Violence


As if nanny-state nightmare Michael Bloomberg hadn’t already sacrificed every last ounce of credibility with his nonstop intrusions into the daily life of New Yorkers, this should be the final nail in his political coffin. It’s one thing to naively think you can disarm law-abiding citizens, but when you count a dead terrorist as a so-called victim of gun violence, you should never again be taken seriously. He didn’t personally come out and say this, but it’s his group, so he owns this idiocy. Michael Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns has sparked a firestorm after mistakenly including the name of alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev on a list of victims of gun violence.
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Only 5% of Women Refret Being Denied Abortion

Amazing data:

Only five per cent of women are unhappy that they were turned away from an abortion clinic, according to a “pro-abortion” investigation in America. The rest adjust to having a baby, says the academic who is heading up the research into ‘turnaways’. The most common reason for a clinic to deny a woman an abortion is because their pregnancy is past the legal time limit.
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Manhattan Priest Faces Down Drug Dealers

The New York Times reports:

The threatening letter opened with a misspelling, a common fault of the genre. “Father Bonaface,” it read, addressing the Rev. Boniface Ramsey, pastor of the Roman Catholic St. Joseph’s Church Yorkville. “Be careful when you report, people selling drugs on 87th St.”
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NYT Disguises Editorial on Abortion Bill as News

Get Religion points out the absurdity:

Yesterday after the House of Representatives voted 228 to 196 to limit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, I was surprised to find the following headline at the New York Times: Democrats Defend Killing of Viable Fetuses to Appease Vocal Base Only kidding, of course. As Matthew J. Franck of First Things wrote, that’s a New York Times headline we’ll never see. The real headline used exhibits the partisan editorializing we’ve come to expect from the Old Gray Lady: G.O.P. Pushes New Abortion Limits to Appease Vocal Base -
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Catholic College Posts Jobs for Planned Parenthood


Everyone knows what Planned Parenthood does. Not only is it the largest abortion provider in the nation, but it feeds the godless culture of death that keeps the abortion cycle running. In many ways, Planned Parenthood is the flagship of the sexual revolution, the antithesis of Catholic moral teaching and natural law. However, notwithstanding Planned Parenthood's immoral mission, the Catholic University of San Diego's School of Leadership has posted a job entry on its web site offering a paid position with Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest. The post was made on May 23.
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Fr. James Schall on the Dignity of Human Life

We are all lucky to be alive.

“It is not only that in generalized opinion these attacks tend no longer to be considered as “crimes”, paradoxically they assume the nature of “rights”, to the point that the State is called upon to give them legal recognition and to make them available through the free services of health care personnel. Such attacks strike human life at the time of its greatest frailty, when it lacks any means of self-defence. Even more serious is the fact that, most often, those attacks are carried out in the very heart of and with the complicity of the family—the family which by its nature is called to be the ‘sanctuary of life’” (no. 11). — John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, March 25, 1995. When one re-reads Blessed Pope John Paul II’s encyclical on life, he needs to keep these statistics in mind: Since 1980, some 1,295,830,000 abortions were performed throughout the world. That is about one-seventh of the present world population.
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Priest Details Horror in Syria

He speaks of horrors but also the joy of the Mass.

A priest working in the devastated city of Homs in Syria has given an account of some of the horror he's facing every day. The priest, who cannot be named, sent a report to the charity Aid to the Church in Need, which is supporting Syrians with an aid package of £25,450 (€30,000) for a center in Homs, on top of £42,450 (€50,000) given last year. The report details the priest's struggle to provide basic food, shelter and medicine to more than 30,000 people fleeing violence amid ongoing bomb blasts and other violence.
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Homosexual Activist Priest to Lead Male Retreat on Sexuality in Spain

What could go wrong? A Shepherd's Voice reports:

From June 20-27, 2013 a retreat for men will be held in Spain. The retreat will be led by two Jesuit Priests. It will be held in “…a self-catering retreat/holiday home run by the Jesuits which we will have to ourselves.” A description of the retreat may be found at spanishretreats.org.uk. It is titled “Liberation. A Retreat for Men in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain, June 20-27. Led by Fr. Donal Godfrey, SJ.” Readers will be quite familiar with Fr. Godfrey. Until September of 2010, Godfrey served as the Executive Director of University Ministry at the Jesuit University of San Francisco. He was demoted from the position of executive director right around the time that California Catholic Daily reported on his long-time association with Patrick Mulcahey. CalCatholic revealed that Mulcahey, whom Godfrey singled out for special praise in the introduction to his book Gays and Grays: the story of the Gay Community at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church had been keeping a “slave” and was giving workshops on the Master/slave lifestyle. Godfrey still serves as an associate director of Ministry at USF.
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Fr. Barron Didn't Care for the New Superman Movie. Here's Why.

He writes:

I didn't really care for the latest cinematic iteration of the Superman myth. Like way too many movies today, it was made for the generation that came of age with video games and MTV and their constant, irritatingly frenetic action. When the CGI whiz-bang stuff kicks in, I just check out, and Man of Steel is about three-quarters whiz-bang. However, there is a theme in this film that is worthy of some reflection, namely the tension between individual autonomy and a state-controlled society. Man of Steel commences with a lengthy segment dealing with the closing days of the planet Krypton. We learn that a fiercely totalitarian regime, led by a General Zod, is seeking the arrest of a scientist called Jor-El. It becomes clear that Jor-El has attempted to undermine the regime's policy of strictly controlling the genetics of Kryptonite newborns. Very much in the manner of Plato's Republic, Kryptonite children are rigidly pre-programmed to be a member of one of three social groups.
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Christendom’s Greatest Cathedral to Become a Mosque

The bleakness of the future just got bleaker. And something tells me that we're still bleakering.

Turkey is reclaiming its jihadi past, while Europe is simultaneously erasing its own Christian heritage.
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Syrian Rebels Behead Christian, Feed Him to Dogs

Why are we arming them again?

So this was done by the people our illustrious President Barack H. Obama wants to send arms to. Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists. The nun said taxi driver Andrei Arbashe, 38, was kidnapped after his brother was heard complaining that fighters against the ruling regime behaved like bandits.
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St. Joseph's Name NOW in Eucharistic Prayers

Fr. Z has the news:

ACTION ITEM! ST. JOSEPH’s name NOW in Eucharistic Prayers II, III, IV Posted on 17 June 2013 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Have you seen the news? Decades after John XXIII placed the name of Joseph in the Roman Canon, it seems that the name of the great Patron of the Dying, Terror of Demons, will be in the Eucharistic Prayers II, III and IV in the 3rd edition of the Missale Romanum.
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LarryD Changes His Mind About WomynPriests

Funny. As always.

Before I explain why, though, I want to let you all know that I feel Godde has called me to become a pizza. Hence the new blog title.
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Why Do Catholic Schools Assign Vulgar Books?

Carl Olson reports on this disturbing story. Mind you it's got pretty nasty excerpts from the books so don't say you weren't warned.

A reader recently sent an e-mail which opened with this question: "Has St. Ignatius High School never heard of Ignatius Press?" The institution in question is a Jesuit preparatory school in Cleveland, Ohio. I know very little about it (I'm told that tuition is around $11,000 a year), but I see that the school's website features the following quote:
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Fr. Mitch Pacwa Talks to National Catholic Register on EWTN

A conversation about the importance of Catholic media:

Fr. Mitch talks with Jeanette DeMelo, Editor In Chief of the National Catholic Register.
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How Common Core Chips Away at Parental Authority

Mom to 8 doesn't like the Common Core:

Common Core is the new national teaching standard adopted and touted by the Obama administration. From kindergarten through high school and from state to state students are taught the same material. SAT questions reflect the information taught. The emphasis is on writing, passionate writing. (All fiction is drastically reduced in the curriculum). Students are encouraged and instructed to use strong powerful words in their writing, and to become activists. The "passionate" themes are carried through all subjects taught, from social studies to math.
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'Cheers' Star: We Didn't Need Surveillance as Kids, We Had God

CNS News reports:

Actor John Ratzenberger said Friday that when he was a child, there was no need for surveillance, “because we knew God was watching us.” “When we were kids, we didn’t need security cameras on the telephone poles to watch us, because we knew God was watching us. We don’t need cameras. We had God,” Ratzenberger, who played Cliff Clavin on “Cheers,” said at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington, D.C.
http://cnsnews.com/news/article/cheers-star-we-didn-t-need-surveillance-when-we-were-kids-we-had-god#sthash.J55EIRjU.dpuf Continue reading>>>

Edward Snowden and Catholic Social Teaching

Patrick Clarke writes an interesting piece at Catholic Moral Theology:

On this blog and in Catholic moral discourse more generally, there have been a considerable number of critiques of libertarian principles on the basis that they directly conflict with Catholic social doctrine. I have been largely convinced by these critiques in so far as they take aim at static policy proposals at a general level. However, I want to suggest that the recent revelation of the scope of our government’s surveillance practices and capacities should make it clear that there may be certain times in which the defense of the common good will bring Catholics into alignment with libertarians on particular issues. I believe now is one such time.
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What My Sons Teach Me About God

Walter Hudson discovers that love multiplies. It doesn't divide:

Last week, I became a father for the second time. My wife presented me with another son. I imagine that the birth of a second child proves over time to be a unique experience. There may be no other moment in life which so profoundly demonstrates love’s abundance. When you have your first child, it feels like a pinnacle. How could you possibly love more than that? The prospect of a second child seems to the uninitiated to portend a division of that love between two objects, like the division of an estate between inheritors. I did not need to know my new son for long before realizing that parental love does not divide. It multiplies. Everything my firstborn means to me has been duplicated.
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Pope Francis: Jesus is the Secret to Christian Benevolence

Radio Vaticana reports:

For a Christian, Jesus is “all”, and this is the source of his or her benevolence. This was the focus of Pope Francis’s message during Mass on Monday morning at the Domus Sanctae Marthae. The Pope also affirmed that the righteousness of Jesus exceeds the righteousness of the scribes, that it is superior to the “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” kind of justice.
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Hollywood Awards Elmo Puppeteer

It's almost like they don't actually care about children.

Disgraced former "Sesame Street" puppeteer and producer Kevin Clash won three Daytime Awards in Los Angeles this weekend.
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Limbaugh: Abortion at the Root of Cultural Decay

Breitbart reports:

During his radio show on Friday, Rush Limbaugh told his listeners, “I think abortion is at the root of so much that has and is going wrong in this country.” The conservative host went on to discuss that the reason why amnesty is essential to the liberal agenda is because abortion has, since Roe v. Wade in 1973, wiped out millions of potential taxpayers. The Democrat Party, Limbaugh said, has turned to amnesty as a means to ensure a “permanent underclass” in order to continue its image as the party of big government entitlements.
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The Blind Man Who Taught Himself to See

People are amazing, aren't they.

47-year-old Daniel Kish has been completely blind ever since he was just a baby, but that hasn’t stopped him from living an incredibly active life which includes riding a bicycle or hiking alone in the mountains. To do this, he has perfected a form of echolocation, the same mechanism bats use to see in the dark.
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Decades of Research Shows Fathers Make a Difference

The Foundry has the facts:

Throughout the nation, stores stock up on ties for Father’s Day, but there’s one tie that money can’t buy: the bond that fathers establish with their children through their presence and involvement in their lives. Decades of research show that fathers make a difference in a range of measures of children’s well-being, from academic success to psychological/emotional health, social relations, and decisions regarding high-risk behavior.
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The Ground of Real Christianity

Fr. Bevil Bramwell writes:

In his study of the history of religions, Joseph Ratzinger says: “Christianity, from Paul’s speech on the Areopagus onward advances the claim to be religio vera.” The true religion “is the worship of that being which is the foundation of everything that exists, the ‘true God’.” Throughout Christian history, many groups claimed to be the true religion and yet they are not complete enough, too simplistic, or simply wrong. And so do not measure up to the tradition of the Catholic Church. These include Arianism, Gnosticism, and hundreds of others as well as all the private adaptations that individuals arbitrarily put together to make their “Catholicism” easier.
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Obama Nominates Ambassador to the Vatican

Important news from Whispers in the Loggia:

In this administration's second turn at filling Villa Richardson, shortly after 4pm today, the White House announced that President Obama has nominated Ken Hackett – the recently retired president of Catholic Relief Services – as US ambassador to the Holy See.
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Why We're Contraception Free

A great series by an evangelical turned Catholic.

It was nighttime and we were at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France when I knelt down on one knee, pulled out the ring box, and asked Krista if she would do me the honor of marrying me. The reply: "Yes with all my heart!" What can I say? We were young and in love, and Krista, my then-girlfriend, was studying abroad in France. Of course I had to fly out there to propose! I'd have been a fool to pass up such an opportunity. It was the Spring of our Junior year at Wheaton College and we had the plan to get married that summer just before our Senior year. Before deciding to propose, I had done a lot of work figuring out how we'd get by for the year while we both finished our degrees, looking into everything from financial aid and health insurance to housing and making a budget. But there was one thing that neither of us considered in the least bit: children.
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Popes Becoming Increasingly Apocalyptic?

New Advent has the story:

English writer Stephen Walford: "Popes of recent history have been increasingly apocalyptic in their official teachings"
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Direct Descendant of Charles Darwin Converts to Catholicism

The Catholic Herald reports:

A direct descendant of Charles Darwin has become a Catholic apologist. Laura Keynes, a great-great-great-granddaughter of the English naturalist, has joined Catholic Voices, the project set up to speak up for the Church in the media She writes in this week’s Catholic Herald about how she returned to her childhood Catholic faith after a period of agnosticism. The daughter of an atheist father and a mother who had converted to Catholicism but later became a Buddhist, she was baptised Catholic. But she says she drifted into agnosticism in her teens and “away from any contact with the Church”.
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What Should Be Done About Boston College?

I have some ideas but involve fumigation and salt.

Once again Boston College has openly defied Church teaching by honoring the radically pro-abortion Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the annual commencement ceremony. Cardinal O’Malley is quoted as saying that he was “sure that the invitation was made in good faith, long before” Kenny’s legislative action “came to the attention of the leadership of Boston College.” With all due respect to Cardinal O’Malley, who is a holy man and deeply devoted to the pro-life cause, I am clearly perplexed as to why he would allow the administration at Boston College to honor Enda Kenny, despite his strong objections.
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Gestational Surrogacy: A Bad Recipe

Women are just the ovens:

Sitting on the desk of Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal awaiting a possible veto is legislation that codifies compensated contracts for gestational surrogacy, often referred to as the “wombs for rent” bill. The Louisiana senate author of the bill explained the process of gestational surrogacy to the senate health committee by likening the surrogate woman to an “oven” that bakes the bread made by another couple — that is, the human embryo conceived by in vitro fertilization. This language of commodification of women as products to be used is confirmed by the literal catalogue of women that are displayed as chattel on surrogacy broker websites.
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A Father's Love: The Uncomfortable Truth

A wonderful reminder about the importance of fathers from Monica Gabriel of Verily Magazine:

I learned pretty early on that my Dad believed that if he didn’t make me wish I had the power to evaporate at least once a week, this meant his fathering skills needed some sprucing up. My dad thought that “tough love”—roughly translated—meant “let ‘em squirm,” and boy was he an expert. My Dad is still an expert at tough love, but now that I’m all grown up I can finally appreciate it. It doesn’t take much to make a teenager feel uncomfortable. But my Dad, who raised eight of them, made no attempts at delicacy towards our tender teenaged sensitivities—in fact—most of the time it seemed like he went out of his way to make us writhe.
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Pelosi on Gosnell, late-term abortion, and faith: "This is sacred ground to me."


An instant classic from John McCormack. John thinks her “sacred ground” comment at the end is a reference to late-term abortion; I think he’s giving her too much credit in assuming that she’s making a coherent, if reprehensible, point. This looks to me like she was caught completely off-guard by the question and was scrambling to get away from it, which is surprising given that just yesterday a House committee approved Trent Franks’s bill banning most abortions nationwide after 22 weeks. Last month Pelosi called the facts of the Gosnell case “really disgusting” while remaining vague about precisely which parts of it disgusted her and which parts were kinda sorta acceptable. Was it the filthy conditions at Gosnell’s clinic that endangered his patients’ health that appalled her, or was it Gosnell slicing the spines of live-born babies and then dumping the remains into shoeboxes and toilets? The ideal answer is “both.” Is that Pelosi’s answer?
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Honoring the Martyrs of Uganda

Juicy Ecumenism reports:

One hundred and twenty-seven years ago this week, with leg irons and with yokes around their necks stringing them together, (eerily foreshadowing the way in which children abducted by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army would walk in their captivity) 32 young Ugandan captives were forced to walk 37 miles to a place called Namugongo. These boys were on a death march ordered by Mwanga, the kabaka, or king, of Buganda, the largest of Uganda’s traditional kingdoms. The captives who survived the tortuous trek spent seven more days in chains as an enormous pyre was prepared. On June 3, 1886, they were wrapped and bound in reed mats and laid side by side on the pyre. These boys had been court pages to Mwanga. They were being burned alive for daring to refuse the king’s sexual advances.
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Prayer at Pre-School Graduation Infuriates Atheist Group

Yup. A pre-school graduation.

The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation has sent a two-page letter to a school district in southeast Texas complaining about a preschool graduation ceremony begun with an unconstitutional prayer. The controversial supplication occurred on May 31 in a classroom at Amelia Elementary School in Beaumont, reports local ABC affiliate KBMT. A preschool student led the brief prayer, which ended with the words “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” The student seems to have been following the instruction of a preschool teacher.
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Gov. Scott Walker To Sign Law Requiring Ultrasound Before Abortion

Good news:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he will sign a measure that’s quickly working its way through the Republican-controlled Legislature that would require women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound.
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A Great Father's Day Movie: Frequency

Tony Rossi has a great movie choice for Father's Day.

Anyone who’s seen the Aurora Borealis either in pictures, on video or in person knows the beauty these “Northern Lights” can produce. But they’ve rarely produced anything as beautiful as the time they allowed John Sullivan to reconnect with his long-dead father and try to save his life. That’s the premise of the film “Frequency,” released in 2000, written by Toby Emmerich and directed by Gregory Hoblit.
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So The Pope Is Human. So?

Fr. Ray Blake writes:

So, the Pope puts his foot in his mouth from time to time, is it bit too spontaneous, sometimes says foolish things, suggests people don't get too anxious about a letter from the CDF, he's a bit disparaging about a campaign to get people to say the Rosary for him, he talks about "gay lobbies" in the Vatican and old nun's with money.
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Bollywood Star's Suicide Note: "I aborted our baby when it hurt me deeply."

Tough to read. My heart breaks for that poor girl.

The Goa trip was my birthday present but even after you cheated I still spent on you. I aborted our baby when it hurt me deeply. You destroyed my Christmas and my birthday dinner when I came back. When I tried my hardest to make your birthday special. You chose to be away from me on Valentines Day. You promised me once we made it to one year we would get engaged. All you want in life is partying, your women and your selfish motives.
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Notre Dame Honors Fr. Hesburgh with Pic of Him and Pelosi


Check out the photo that Notre Dame chose to highlight on its Facebook page to "honor" former Notre Dame president Fr. Theodore Hesburgh on his birthday:
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"At Least 10,000 Catholics Live Their Faith in Secret in North Korea"

Pray for each of them:

We suspect that after the long period of persecution there are still about 10,000 people who will remember in their hearts their Catholic faith.” But “I find it difficult to believe that there is an organised underground Church in North Korea,” Fr. Lee Eun-hyung, the General Secretary of the Catholic "Committee for the Reconciliation of the Korean People", said in an interview with Aid to the Church in Need (the foundation that supports pastoral action in areas where Catholics suffer persecution).
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Pittsburgh Pirates’ Second Baseman on the Gift of Life

Trent Beattie reports:

Neil Walker has been able to live out a childhood dream of playing for his hometown Pittsburgh Pirates. After being taken in the first round of the 2004 Major League Baseball Draft, he diligently worked his way through the minor leagues. He made his major-league debut as a pinch hitter in September of 2009, and he has been the team’s second baseman since 2010.
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Bishop: ‘Twilight of Christian England’ Demands That Faithful Speak Out

Catholic Herald reports:

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury has said the “twilight of Christian England” is not “entirely negative” as it puts demands on Christians to be clearer about what their faith is and how they should stand up for it. In a homily at the Northern Catholic Conference at Liverpool Hope University on Sunday the bishop said that in a decade Christianity will be the faith of a “significant minority” in Britain.
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USCatholyc Or “Game Of Thrones” – Which Is Worse For Catholics?

I think I know the answer. LarryD does as well:

It’s not a fair question, I know. I came across a stunningly self-serving article at USCatholyc the other day: Six Better Questions Than ‘Can a Christian Watch Game of Thrones’? It’s written by Bryan (Game of) Cones:
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So Sad that So Many Deprive Themselves of the Love of a Child with Down's Syndrome

New "breakthroughs' are breakdowns.

Last Friday’s Telegraph had a small and seemingly innocuous news item, entitled “New Down’s syndrome blood test to go on trial”. I read it with anticipatory dread. It seems that this new screening test “will identify with 99% certainty whether [a patient’s] unborn child will have Down’s”. The item expanded on the supposedly good news: “Experts conducting the ongoing study said that, if offered through the NHS, the method could spare tens of thousands of women the need for one or two invasive tests, chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis, which cause almost 300 miscarriages each year.” Professor Kypros Nicolaides, who led the study, said, “With the current method you get any number: one in two [chance of the baby having Down’s], one in 10, 50, or 500. With the new test you get a result which is either more than 99% chance, or a less than one in 10,000 chance. It is a very clear distinction.”
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The Purge Isn't Just a Bad Movie, It's Kinda' Anti-Christian

I suspected this one would be bad. I was right. I love being right. It's like totally so much better than being wrong. I didn't see the anti-Christian angle coming though, I must admit.

It’s the year 2022, and America has returned to economic strength and domestic peace. Unemployment is at 1%. Poverty has nearly been eliminated. Crime is almost unheard of, except on one day of the year which the New Founders have established so that everyone can vent their latent hatred and bigotry without consequence … except on select government officials, of course. The rest of America can “purify their souls” through 12 hours of mayhem, murder, and anarchy known as The Purge. It’s big business for James Sandin and his family, but this year, the purge hits very close to home … literally.
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Greydanus: Top Ten Movie Dads

Awesome list. I think I would've moved up James Braddock from Cinderella Man but hey, I'm no Greydanus.

Picking the top 10 movie dads was both easier and harder than picking the top 10 movie moms (see last month). Easier, because there were more candidates to choose from—and harder for the same reason! (Candidates for worst movie dads are also more plentiful than worst movie moms. For better or worse, Hollywood is still a man’s world.) As with the moms list, I considered biological, adoptive, and foster fathers for the main list below (although I wound up with 10 biological fathers); the runners-up list also includes some “father-figure” characters. Both lists are alphabetical by film.
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Is Comic jim Gaffigan the Church's Newest Evangelizer?

He is very funny, Catholic, and has five kids.

Is Jim Gaffigan technically employed by the Catholic Church? The thought occurred to me in a week during which I saw the awesome Catholic comic speak in person and did some reporting about the church’s major new outreach effort it calls “the new evangelization.”
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Don't Be Good, Be Holy

Fr. Longenecker writes:

The problem with being good is that you think that’s good enough. But being good is not good enough. Jesus Christ looked at the Scribes and Pharisees–who were very good and nice and respectable people and he said to his disciples, “You see them? You’ve got to be better than them.” In other words, their goodness wasn’t good enough. If you think being good is good enough, you’re not good enough. The problem with being good is that it is putting the cart before the horse. We see people who are holy like Mother Teresa and we notice that she does good. She feeds hungry people and rescues babies from the trash heap. So we are inspired and we decide to be good too. So we get involved in the local soup kitchen and we busy ourselves helping the needy and that’s all well and good, but we forget that before Mother Teresa went out on the streets she spent an hour in contemplative prayer. She was more than good. She was holy.
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Pope at Mass: Learning from Mary to Keep the Word of God

Radio Vaticana reports:

Like Mary, we must learn to receive and keep the Word of God safe in our hearts. Marking the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary at morning Mass Saturday, Pope Francis pointed out that Mary assimilated the Word of God into her life, by meditating it and pondering what message the Lord had for her through His Word and that this is what safekeeping means. Astonishment and safekeeping: Pope Francis developed his homily around these two themes starting from the Gospel of the day, which recounts the astonishment of the teachers in the Temple listening to Jesus and Mary’s keeping the Word of God safe in her heart. Astonishment, the Pope observed, "is more than joy: it is a moment in which the Word of God comes, is sown in our hearts. " But, he warned, "we cannot always live in wonder", this should be “kept in our hearts” throughout our lives. And this is precisely what Mary does, when she is "astonished" and keeps the "Word of God" in her heart:
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Undoing the P.C. Brainwashing of your Child in the Summer

When your child comes home from college as a liberal, here's how Thomas Sowell says you can fix it:

This time of year, as college students return home for the summer, parents may notice how many politically correct ideas they have acquired on campus. Some of those parents may wonder how they can undo some of the brainwashing that has become so common in what are supposed to be institutions of higher learning. The strategy used by General Douglas MacArthur so successfully in the Pacific during World War II can be useful in this very different kind of battle. General MacArthur won his victories while minimizing his casualties — something that is also desirable in clashes of ideas within the family.
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TweetFest: Pro-life Activists Demand Funeral and Proper Burial for #GosnellBabies

Treat them like humans. Because they are.

Pro-life citizens, activate! When the media refused to cover the trial of Kermit Gosnell, activists organized a hugely successful TweetFest to end the media blackout. Today, they are hoping to replicate that success with the #GosnellBabies TweetFest.
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Pope Francis on The Science of Tenderness

A much needed reminder:

It’s harder to open our hearts and let God love us than to love God in return. But the only way to really love Him is to love others, especially the poor. God is an expert in the science of tenderness and we should allow ourselves to be loved by Him. This was Pope Francis’ message at morning Mass Friday on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.
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Benedict XVI: I'm Fine. I Live Like a Monk."

Catholic Culture reports:

“I’m fine. I live like a monk,” Benedict XVI told an old German friend who visited him recently at his new residence in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery on the Vatican grounds.
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Defending Church teaching on homosexuality, bishop says former parish secretary died a martyr

What a sad story.

In a debate on acceptance of same-sex marriage, Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, remarked on the media bias in coverage of issues involving homosexuality. Speaking to an audience in Arizona, Bishop Paprocki said that a woman who worked at a parish where he had served in Illinois was killed because of her defense of Church teachings on homosexuality. Mary Stachowicz, a part-time parish secretary, was beaten, stabbed, and strangled by a man who resented her efforts to persuade him to avoid homosexual acts. “Mary’s murder was widely ignored by the media, despite the fact that she died as a martyr for her faith,” the bishop said.
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DDT Ban Breeds Death

No worries. It's mostly minorities.

Worldwide more than 2,700 people will die today because of a bureaucratic regulation instituted during the Nixon administration in 1972. The same number died yesterday and will again tomorrow, in an ever-growing tally of victims of that catastrophic policy. The regulation imposed by Nixon’s newly formed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned DDT, an insecticide that had until then saved the lives of countless U.S. citizens. Leaders in Europe and the United Nations followed suit in a frenzy of misguided environmental zeal and bloodthirsty population control fervor.
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The Priest at D-Day

Wow. American Catholic does a great job of finding these great stories:

The men of the 5th Ranger Battalion could barely keep from laughing when they first saw their chaplain, Lieutenant Joe Lacy, a week before D-Day. These were young men, in peak physical condition. Father Joe Lacy was old by Ranger standards, knocking on 40, overweight by at least 30 pounds, wearing thick glasses and short, 5 foot, six inches. He was described by one Ranger as “a small, fat old Irishman.” No way would he be able to keep up when they invaded France.
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The Creepiest Big Brother Bill in Scotland That Would Destroy Families

Mirror of Justice has the story:

When I first heard about the "Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill" introduced into Parliament on April 17 of this year, I assumed naively that it was an "Onion" type spoof. Sadly, it is not. Under this proposal, every child and young person will be assigned a "named person" (parents of the child are ineligible) whose job it is to promote, support or safeguard the wellbeing of the child or young person by, among other things, advising, informing, or supporting the child or the child's parents; and raising a matter about the child with a relevant authority. Information deemed relevant on each child will be collected by the named person and passed on to successor named persons or other relevant authorites.
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Church to Beatify Father of 7 Who Saved 100 Lives

Catholic News Agency reports:

Odoardo Focherini will be beatified in the Italian city of Carpi on June 15 for his life of faith and dedication to helping those in need, including 100 Jews he helped escape the Nazis. “One of the Jews whom he saved said, ‘we are the miracles of Odoardo Focherini,’ and they saw his as their savior and angel,” said Focherini’s grandson, Francesco Manicardi.
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Cdl. Dolan: Cuomo Bill May Decriminalize Forced Abortions

First Things reports:

Andrew Cuomo’s abortion bill may lead to forced abortions, warns New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan in a June 4 press release issued jointly with the bishops of New York state:
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Umbilical Stem Cells Wake up PVS Child

An amazing story:

Wow. A child with cerebral palsy who suffered a cardiac arrest and became–they thought–permanently unconscious, appears to have been successfully treated with his own stored umbilical cord blood stem cells.
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Pope Francis is Made for The Twitter Age

What a great post from Elizabeth Tenety:

In homilies and speeches in the months since assuming the Seat of Saint Peter, Pope Francis has demonstrated his simple style applies not only to his dress and living accommodations –but to the words he uses to share the faith. A few recent examples: Eternity “will not be boring.” “Long faces cannot proclaim Jesus.”
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Chart-Topping Sister Mary Josefa Reflects on Thomas Aquinas College

The Cardinal Newman Society has this great interview.

Sister Josefa heard God’s call to the Benedictines while studying at Thomas Aquinas College. But she could never have anticipated that by joining the contemplative Sisters and committing to a monastic lifestyle, she would soon be among America’s leading recording artists. The Sisters’ Advent at Ephesus, an album of sacred music released in 2012, topped Billboard’s Classical Music Chart for six weeks. Now Sister Josefa is among the stunningly beautiful voices on the new chart-topping album, Angels and Saints at Ephesus. Tim Drake spoke with Sister Josefa via email and received her responses through her superior, Mother Cecilia.
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Patricia Heaton Wonders Why Pro-Abort Cuomo Receives Communion

Good question.

Patricia Heaton: Hey, why does Cuomo take Communion when he supports killing viable babies?
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Fr. Barron on Sympathy for the Devil

Brilliant. As always.

Some years ago, The New Yorker ran a cartoon that perfectly lampooned the loopy ideology of “inclusion” that has come to characterize so much of the Christian world. It showed a neat and tidy church, filled with an attentive congregation. The pastor was at the podium, introducing a guest speaker. “In accordance with our policy of equal time,” he said, “I would like now to give our friend the opportunity to present an alternative point of view.” Sitting next to him, about to rise to speak, was the devil, dressed perfectly and tapping the pages of his prepared text on his knee.
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Sex Ed in Gov't Run Schools

And we wonder why everything's going to hell.

My husband chaperoned a 7th grade field trip yesterday (I know...why would someone do that voluntarily?!). His perception was how much he enjoyed the kids, how loud they were, how easily they became embarrassed, how full of life, how well behaved and how not too different they were than he was many years ago in 7th grade. Kids are kids. What did change from when he was in 7th grade was the "health" curriculum.
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A Priest on the Lusitania

A story of Christian heroism.

Torpedoed by German U-Boat U-20 on May 7, 1915, the sinking of RMS Lusitania moved the United States closer to eventual war with Germany, 128 Americans being among the 1,195 passengers and crew lost. Shrouded in controversy as to the amount of war munitions that the Lusitania was carrying, the sinking outraged American public opinion against Germany. In our time of the Anglican Ordinariate, one of the passengers lost at sea commands our attention: Father Basil W. Maturin.
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Princeton's Robert George Named to Powerline's 100 Top Profs

One of the great Catholic thinkers of our time:

Obviously Princeton’s Robert P. George was going to end up on the Power Line 100, but this seems like the ideal week to do it...
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Prayer Need. Congresswoman Reveals Devastating Diagnosis for Unborn Child

May God bless this family.

Heartbreaking: Rep. Herrera Beutler reveals devastating diagnosis for unborn child
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Proof IRS Leaked National Organization for Marriage Donors to Political Rivals

This just keeps getting worse and worse for the IRS:

National Organization for Marriage Representative: Yes, We Have Smoking Gun Proof the IRS Leaked Our Confidential Donor List to Our Chief Political Rival, Human Rights Watch
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Houston, We Have a Protestant

This doesn't look good.

The good news is there was a large ordination ceremony in the Roman Catholic Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston, Texas. The bad news is it was conducted by the United Methodist Church.
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AP's Faceplant on Corpus Christi


Ho hum, another religious observance … another display of media ignorance. This past weekend, traditional Christian communities celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi, which commemorates the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Last Thursday, the Associated Press managed to get it backwards:
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NYT Does a Nice Tribute to Priest


In the final years of his life, when his memory was fading but his strength remained solid, the Rev. John C. Flynn paced the halls of a Bronx nursing home, talking with the lonely, smiling to all – and swinging an imaginary golf club. “The nurses thought he was crazy,” recalled his sister, Mary Ellen Loveless. “He was not. He just was practicing his swing, pretending to hit the ball!”
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HHS Website For Girls, 10 to 16, Informs Youth About Birth Control, Gay Sex, ‘Mutual Masturbation’

9 year olds hardest hit:

A government website designed for girls ages 10 to 16 offers health advice and information on a wide range of topics, including homosexuality, anal sex and “mutual masturbation.”
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Wanting a Mom and Dad, Children of Same-Sex Couples

Eric Metaxas writes:

The Supreme Court is deciding whether or not to redefine marriage—and we're hearing a lot of claims about how well children do when they’re reared by homosexual couples. Sad to say, some of those claims are being made to the Supremes—and they are completely false. One man who knows a little about this first-hand is Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, who teaches at California State University at Northridge. Lopez, who says he’s bi-sexual, was raised by his lesbian mother and her partner. And while he’s for civil unions, he’s against redefining marriage.
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A Letter to My Children

Randy Hain writes:

Have you ever experienced regret in your life because of something you did not share with a loved one? Do you ever reflect on lessons you wish you had taught your children as they make avoidable mistakes later in life? As my wife and I watch our kids rapidly grow up and the years seem to pass in the blink of an eye, we are eager to coach, guide and teach them how to prepare for the world which awaits them. But, we often feel inadequate to this daunting task and wonder if we are doing enough. This idea of not doing enough weighed on my mind yesterday morning, so I decided to write a letter to my sons which I hope will capture much of what I want to share with them now and in the future. My hope is they will read and re-read this letter for the rest of their lives and one day share these lessons with their own children.
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Lila Rose: The Myth of Empowerment Through Abortion

Lila Rose writes in The Washington Times:

So shocking about late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell was how he killed his victims. When we learn how the abortionist slit the necks of struggling, crying infants, moments after a failed abortion, and scissored their spinal cords, we’re sickened, and rightfully so. Except for Gosnell’s defense attorney (who, after all, is paid), not even the staunchest abortion advocates have stepped forward to defend Gosnell’s crimes. The videos coming out of Live Action’s “Inhuman” investigation show that Gosnell is not the only late-term abortionist willing to commit the indefensible.
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Pope: The Corrupt, Those Who Worship only Themselves or their Group, Do Harm to the Church

But there are also saints:

During morning Mass, Francis comments on the parable of the wicked tenants. "Those who were sinners like all of us, took a further step, as if they were consolidated in their sin: they do not need God." Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Pope John XXIII, "a model of holiness" and saints "do so much good" for the Church.
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Toward Canonically Equating Abortion and Murder

Edward Peters writes:

Both the Eastern and Western Codes of Canon Law make abortion an excommunicable offense (CCEO 1450 § 2; 1983 CIC 1398), but only the Eastern Code makes murder itself excommunicable (CCEO 1450 § 1); Western canon law punishes homicide with a “just penalty” (1983 CIC 1397).
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The Littlest Suffering Souls: Margaret Leo of McLean

A wonderful and moving story from Austin Ruse:

How is it that a Supreme Court Justice keeps two pictures drawn by a little girl who died six years ago on the desk of his office? Or that the head of an influential Washington D.C. think tank prayed to the same girl for his father to be saved from a brain tumor? Or, that a noted Washington thinker has a regular devotion to her?
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On Men, Women, and Pregnancy Tests

Colleen Duggan writes a wonderful piece. Check it out:

My eyes flickered open at 5 am sharp, a full ten minutes before the alarm sounded, and the first thought I had was about that test. I needed to take the pregnancy test I hid under a pile of underwear in my top dresser drawer. I threw the down comforter off my body and tiptoed to the bureau. I didn't need to take a pregnancy test, really. I already knew it was positive, but because I love to see things in black and white (or in this case bright blue), I took the test anyway. The control line was clearly blue but the second line, the one which confirms a pregnancy, was faint. But, after 7 pregnancies and six kids, if there's one thing I know it's this: there are no false positives. We were going to have another baby. I took a few cleansing breaths and thought, We can do this. Everything will be fine. Another baby? No problem. Then I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving, "Thank you, Lord, for this gift of life. I'm continually amazed you trust me this much. Perhaps you shouldn't?"
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The Risen Jesus is Beyond Gender?

Oh my.

That’s according to Fr Roger Karban, occasional contributor to National Catholic Distorter (big surprise, eh?). It’s news to me too. Here’s the pertinent portion of his “Spiritual Reflections” column, where he talks about the readings from Holy Trinity Sunday:
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