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Whoa. JFK Was Nazi Admirer as Late as 1937

On the one hand, he's a Kennedy so I don't really expect anything good from them. On the other hand, he was a WWII hero. And he may have been the last Kennedy to dislike communism.

We all knew his father had Nazi leanings and was quite a raving anti-semite, but to the extent this has been admitted it has always been insisted this was only Joe Kennedy's thing, not JFK's.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

First, some historical perspective is in order:

1. Hitler did become "one of the most important personalities that ever lived," just not in the way young JFK imagined.

2. As evil as anti-Semitism is, it was considered an acceptable part of Western culture until details of the Holocaust emerged after WWII. Even today, nobody confronts Islam about its anti-Semitic theologians and television clerics who restate the blood libel (Jews make matzoh from the blood of babies) that has unjustly stained Jews for centuries.

People (including the Church) fight against anti-Semitism when it's convenient or fashionable, not when it's necessary or moral to do so.

3. Even eugenics was considered a good idea by such educated, sophisticated and intelligent people as Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill during the early 20th Century. Again, the revelation of the Holocaust buried support for eugenics in "polite society" until today (notice the defense of Gosnell today).

4. The Nazis made a concerted effort to make Germany their Potemkin Village. Read anything about how they used the 1936 Summer Olympics to their advantage.

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