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Warning. An SSPX Priest Is Incapable of Absolving You

Dr. Jeff Mirus writes:

In certain sources which I refuse to publicize, it is being strenuously argued that sacramental absolution given by the priests of the Society of St. Pius X is perfectly valid. On this basis, one might suppose that the faithful may confess their sins to an SSPX priest and be assured of God’s forgiveness. Unfortunately, this simply is not true.
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Lynne said...

People must be fleeing the churches in droves. Too much talking turkey? The AmChurch/Dolanites are running scared.

Mary Kay said...

Funny---I know several people who go back and forth between our SSPX chapel and a local EF church. No priest has ever asked them to make a general confession for all the confessions they've done at the SSPX chapel. And Jeff Mirus is hardly the authority on valid confession. Just sayin...

Elizabeth said...

It's a sticky point for me. I still haven't confessed to the SSPX priests at the chapel I attend periodically. I just don't know enough to know if I should or shouldn't .... so I don't.

However, reading this article left me with the big question ~ who the heck is Jeff Mirus and why do I care what he thinks?

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