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Soldier Speaks Out on What's Threatened by Gay Marriage

The American Thinker has the piece:

As a Soldier and someone who will soon be applying to become Chaplain, I am forced to write this article under a pseudonym. It isn't because I am afraid that my beliefs or convictions are wrong but it is entirely possible that this could be used by some to keep me out of the Chaplains Corps where I think I can do such good for the Soldiers of the United States. I not writing my personal beliefs about homosexuality or gay marriage. Instead I would like to focus on a constitutional issue: how would legalizing homosexual marriage affect the First Amendment?
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Mary De Voe said...

Two-thirds of the states must ratify any change in the U.S. Constitution. The Preamble remains unchangeable: "and secure the Blessings of Liberty to oursleves and our posterity". Abortion decimated our posterity. The reason military chaplains are being targeted is because the Federal government thinks it owns Government Issue (GIs). Instead of protecting everyone's rights by protecting the First Amendment, the government is playing favorites, discriminating against the truth. Government is not above God. Government belongs to God: "Render unto God what is God's" Caesar belongs to God. Gays belong to God. Gay orientation is an accident of birth. Gay behavior is a free will choice that violates God, our Creator's Sixth Commandment. Gays want everything to go their way. We have founding principles and when these principles are rejected, citizenship in America is rejected. Even Gays get to keep the First Amendment, so that is equal Justice, but not sameness.

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