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Scorpion Attacks Jen!!! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it bad to say that I actually hope scorpions keep invading Jen's house. I know it's bad. Unchristian even. But her posts on these "encounters" always have me laughing out loud. I can even roll on the floor laughing. You know why? Because there's no scorpions there. (We do get abnormally large spiders here in Pennsylvania though.)

I had a whole other paragraph here but I just deleted it because SCORPION! So there I was, carefully typing out said paragraph, and I see a dark, moving object on the floor to my right. I knew even before I looked down what it was, since dark moving objects are only ever one thing in this house. But here’s the worst part: It was moving away from my desk in a clear trajectory. You would think that the “away” part would be good, but, nay, it was in fact deeply troubling, as it indicated that only a few seconds before, the scorpion must have been RIGHT UNDER MY DESK. Where my FEET are. It is extremely important to my mental health that the space under my desk, which I cannot easily see unless I scoot my huge chair way back, remain a FEET-ONLY zone.
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