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Redefining Marriage Puts Religious Liberty at Risk

The fight is on in Minnesota:

Yesterday my friend and fellow law professor, Dale Carpenter, published an op-ed that claimed religious liberty will be unharmed if we embrace same-sex marriage ("The rites and rights of marriage," May 9). The House of Representatives has now passed a new definition of marriage, and we will see how people of faith fare. Carpenter acknowledges that religious liberty is the first freedom mentioned in our Bill of Rights, but then suggests that our free-exercise rights are limited to a "right to worship." Instead, our federal and state constitutions guarantee the more robust free-exercise right -- the right of each American to act in accordance with his or her conscience.
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Mary De Voe said...

While homosexuals are free to go their own way, homosexuals are not free to redefine religion for another person other than themselves.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, it is only heterosexuals that are free to redefine marriage.

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