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Pope Francis and the "Sad Life of Slumbering Christians."

Catholic World Report has the pope's comments:

“The life of slumbering Christians is a sad life; it is not a happy life. Christians must be happy with the joy of Jesus. Let us not fall asleep!” — Pope Francis, General Audience, April 24, 2013. To read Pope Francis, we must not be too literal. When he talked, in a recent General Audience, of “slumbering Christians,” he was not waging a war against “slumber parties.” When he told us “not to fall asleep,” he was not saying that we should never have a good night’s rest. And certainly when he told us that we “must be happy,” he did not deny either the acquiring of Aristotle’s virtues or the fact that we must take up our crosses and follow Christ. The analogy of the “slumbering Christian” refers to the Christian who does not make active in his own life what the Church teaches about Christ’s words and deeds. It is that vice the Greeks called acedia whereby we cannot arouse in ourselves the energy to ask what it is all about.
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Mary De Voe said...


Mary De Voe said...

The walking around "unconcious"

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