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Pope: Church Must Help Poorest, Not Dissect Theology

I know I could do more for those in need and be a better Catholic. How 'bout you? Pope Francis says get to work.

Pope Francis shared personal moments with 200,000 people on Saturday, telling them he sometimes nods off while praying at the end of a long day and that it “breaks my heart” that the death of a homeless person is not news. Francis, who has made straight talk and simplicity a hallmark of his papacy, made his unscripted comments in answers to questions by four people at a huge international gathering of Catholic associations in St. Peter's Square.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

One reason I left Catholicism is because it wields alleged concern for the poor as a weapon to control those who aren't poor, thereby enabling the prelates to maintain control

When Pope Francis sells some of the Vatican's billions in stocks, bonds, securities and shares in holding companies and other concerns -- and sends the proceeds to besieged dioceses that have trouble keeping schools and parishes open, or to groups helping persecuted Christians -- then I'll take him seriously. Until then, he's nothing but a bag of hot air...like his predecessors.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

You know, various organizations who claim to aid the homeless know where they are and how they live. Why can't members of these organizations go and pick them up...or, at least, encourage them strongly to come to their facilities?

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