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Incredible: Woman’s Dog Emerges from Rubble During TV Interview Right After She Describes Losing Him


Amid the tragedy in Oklahoma, one woman who lost everything says God answered both of her prayers. CBS News spoke with Barbara Garcia in the wake of the devastating tornado Monday, the woman’s suburban neighborhood now nothing more than flattened homes and rubble. Badly shaken but resilient, explains how she is okay but that her dog was torn from her. “I was sitting on the stool holding by dog — this was the game plan all through the years, [to] go in that little bathroom,” Garcia began. “The electric went off in the bathroom about the same time I felt the stool come up out of the floor. And I rolled around a little bit, and when it stopped…that fresh stove cooker is what I saw.”
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Living Matrimony said...

While I am overjoyed for this woman, I am astounded at the lack of compassion on the part of the interviewer. Seriously, “Are you able to comprehend what happened here?” And then to watch the poor, battered woman struggle to pick up her dog by herself while the camera crew and interviewer sit back in order to capture, what one can only assume thy believed was a more dramatic effect, was infuriating.

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