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Couple expecting twins feels like "cancer patients with only months to live"

Sick. And sad. And probably typical.

On HuffPo, a father of one boy writes: My Wife Is Expecting Twins and I Am Not Happy About It. And neither is she, which is a tough break for the little guys, no? You see, the couple wanted one female sibling for their son, and instead got two males. And it cost them $10,000. A bit:
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Amy Giglio said...

I can understand feeling like this at first, when you find out that your perfect little life that you've painstakingly constructed for yourself is going to be different from what you planned. HOWEVER, I cannot understand putting this out on a forum for all the world to see and your children to find later. Can you imagine your 11 year old son asking if you still feel like his presence in your life is a cancer? Or a classmate saying, "Your mom and dad never wanted you and here is the proof?" As a completely selfish person, I am amazed at the depths of this man's selfishness.

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