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1-800 Dial-A-Dad

The lack of a father is many children's lives leaves many single moms calling the cops on their kids for disobedience issues:

I’ve been dealing with this scenario for so long, I had forgotten how strange it was until just a few days ago when I was talking to Joe on the telephone and the topic somehow came up. What scenario am I talking about? Well, that would be a law enforcement call for service that those of us in law enforcement refer to as the “Dial-A-Dad”. The “Dial-A-Dad” is essentially when a parent, for one reason or another, calls the cops to come and discipline their child. I am not talking about the 6’ tall, 200 pound high school football lineman out of control child who is physically fighting their parents/neighbors/siblings. I am talking about the young kids who are not eating their dinner, going to bed, doing their homework, etc. I have responded to these calls for children as young as 6 years old. And yes, people really do call the cops for this.
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