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Why I Won't Change My Profile to An Equal Sign

Maurisa writes:

Chris and I will have been married for 23 years in June. We got married like most folks do, because we were two people in love and we wanted to be happy. Somewhere along the matrimonial road, we realized marriage isn't just about being in love or about being happy. When we chose to live our married lives as Catholics we chose to live our married lives in service, self-sacrifice, and obedience. We don't use contraception, and have done our best to welcome each of our children with open hearts and open arms. We don't ever plan to divorce, knowing I am not the best wife in this world and that Chris and I don't always agree on things -- even important things -- but we keep plugging away at it as faithfully as possible. And for the exact same reasons we do not use contraception or agree with divorce, we do not support gay marriage.
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