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Taylor Marshall: Does the New Testament Condemn Homosexuality?

Awesome. As always.

One afternoon while ministering to the homeless in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, I fell into a conversation with a stranger about religion, which eventually led to the subject of Christ. Without hesitating, he came right out and said, “I’m a gay Christian.” After he admitted to being an active homosexual, he added, “I have studied the whole Bible and nowhere does it teach that homosexuality is a sin.”
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Anonymous said...

I've written on this on my blog many times. I've counted at least 3 (and I think it's really 4) condemnations of homosexuality in the New Testament. That is to go with about ten in the Old. So, well over a dozen condemnations, often by name, in the Bible. It is unbelievable there are whole sects (like the metropolitan "christian" church) founded on rejecting Scripture.

But, I forget myself, there is protestantism.

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