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"Stomping on Jesus" Was Originated by Catholic College Prof

Figures, doesn't it?

Inside Higher Education has revealed that the Florida Atlantic University classroom exercise that generated so much controversy (in which students were asked to step on a paper with Jesus’ name on it) was featured in a teacher’s manual to a textbook by a communications and media studies professor at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. Jim Neuliep wrote the textbook Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach. Neuliep said that he’s been doing the exercise for 30 years without any complaints.
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Anonymous said...

Surely the point can be made without desecrating the Holy Name.

Proteios1 said...

THe message by the Catholic professor is a daring, yet understandable one. I wouldnt do that, but theres substance to it if done right.
But it sounds like the FAU faculty member introduced his own biases. Rather than note a general hesitation by most, he encourage what amounts to desecration and then backed it up with coercion.
In fact, I think he taught something else.
Unintentionally, he illustrated how CHristians are persecuted in the world and how it is (sadly) an acceptable prejudice.

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