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Ohio Nun Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud

Sad but predictable.

The Ohio nun who cast a ballot on behalf of a nun who died prior to last year's presidential election has pleaded guilty to an illegal voting charge. Sister Marguerite Kloos, former dean at the College of Mt. St. Joseph in Cincinnati escaped a prison sentence of up to 18 months by pleading guilty. As a first-time offender, she has been sentenced to community service. Kloos remains on staff at the College as a religious studies instructor.
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Gail Finke said...

In what way do you find this predictable? What are you referring to -- her casting the vote or her being let off with a light sentence because she pleaded guilty, cooperated with police, and showed remorse? I am from Cincinnati, I find what she did appalling, and I think it's wrong for the court to expunge her record... but we do not have a rash of Sisters of Charity committing voter fraud and she did not fight the charges. What is the point you are trying to make?

Maureen said...

I find what she did to be appalling as well. But of the thousands and thousands of people who committed voter fraud, they chose to prosecute one nun for one offense? Come on.... go after all the ghetto people who happily admitted to it and are not ashamed.

matthew archbold said...

I'd been following the story and we've posted on it many times so this was a predictable end to the story but felt I should post it even though past stories seemed to indicate this was going to happen.

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