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The boy embraced by Pope Francis was the son of a theology professor at Providence College. Read his story here:

The following is a guest post from Paul Gondreau, Professor of Theology at Providence College. Paul is serving as the Faculty Resident Director at PC/CEA’s Center for Theology and Religious Studies in Rome this semester, joined by his wife Christiana and their 5 kids. After Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square yesterday, Pope Francis hugged their son Dominic. You can see video of the encounter at this link and can read a brief news piece here, and you can see CNN’s interview of Christiana Gondreau and Dominic here. We are grateful that Dr. Gondreau agreed to share his reflections on that event with us.
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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...


And, I must add that in my email box this A.M. I read two beautiful communications.

One was a generous and compassionate communication directed to those afflicted with autism and one was the EXCELLENT General Audience sermon/catechesis by Pope Francis about the Resurrection and women and which sermon included one key to prove the historicity of the Resurrection.

It was one of the BEST things I have read on VIS in years.

As one who was an early and often critic of our new Pope, I could not be happier to stand-up and yell KUDOS to Our Holy Father

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