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Kathryn Lopez: The End of Looking Away

Look. Look for a second what we're doing, what we're allowing to happen:

Before you get yourself deep into the week, end today or start Monday thanking the New York Post (letters@nypost.com) for running this piece by Kyle Smith (thank him at kyle.smith@nypost.com) asking what exactly the difference between a late-term and live-birth abortion is. Not much, is what ethicists who want to make the case for legal after-birth abortions have been arguing. We’ve been looking away from common sense and the human rights involved.
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Mary De Voe said...

The Supreme Court in Roe v Wade gave custody of the newly begotten virgin to the woman who intended to kill him. I accuse the Supreme Court for the United States of America of gross negligence and indifference to human life. The court has miscarried Justice.

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