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Frustrating Ignorance from Christians on Gay Marriage

Jennifer Thieme writes:

Christian ignorance on the gay marriage issue frustrates me, a lot. Here’s why. So many times on comment threads or blogs relating to the gay marriage issue, I see Christians saying things like this: – God hates gays and that’s why gay marriage is wrong. – God is against homosexuality and that’s why gay marriage is wrong. – Marriage was defined by God in the Bible and that’s all I need to know. … and the like. These kinds of comments frustrate me to no end!
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Proteios1 said...

I'm frustrated baby an intellectual disinterest on both sides. I don't hear as many informed discussions on thae topic, but when I do, it is almost exclusively from a Catholic site. Maybe I'm deliberately selecting my source material. I accept that, but in my broad search, including but not limited to nyt, huffy poo and mainstream sources, I notice the marriage redefiners make emotional appeals, name call, and do there best to mock opposition and try to ingrained an emotional reaction that builds in terms like bigot, hate filled, rights, etc.
The pro marriage groups tend to do some of this, but also mix in a generous portion of justification, some of which appeals to reason and intellect.
My conclusion...stop appealing to people's intelligence, just call them names and make them el stupid for disagreeing with you. Kidding, of course, but that's what it looks like works best.

Jerome said...

I agree with Proteios1. I've rarely if ever see the kind of comments that the author complains about. In a way, the author gives herself an indirect pat on the back for being so enlightened. In fact, to me, it seems she is putting up a straw man.

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