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A Dan Brown Good Friday from the BBC

Sometimes what doesn't outrage, tells us more about ourselves than what does:

What a difference a decade makes. In 2002 the BBC broadcast a documentary on the Virgin Mary characterizing her “as a poor and downtrodden girl, who might have conceived Jesus as a result of being raped.” This Life of Brian view of the birth of Jesus prompted outrage -– letters, editorials, statements from church leaders leaders condemning the broadcast. A documentary broadcast on Good Friday by the BBC entitled “The Mystery of Mary Magdalene” that suggests Mary Magdalene and Jesus were sexual partners has provoked a complaint from a retired bishop but little else.
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Proteios1 said...

Sad. But we are so desensitized to the constant onslaught of errors, slander, revisionist history from "intellectuals", and downright hatred from within and without, that I think we are jut weary. I can't think of too many groups just constantly under attack for running charities, serving the community and trying really hard to enjoy the world we have created for everyone, yet are under constant scrutiny.

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