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Was the Persecution of Early Christians a Myth?

Darwin Catholic does an astounding takedown of an insidious new book by a Notre Dame professor:

Donald McClarey has a well deserved barn-burner of a post up at The American Catholic about a new book entitled The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom out from University of Notre Dame theology professor Candida Moss. I’d seen a couple articles on this book before it came out and more or less passed over them as yet another fluffy work of pop scholarship intent on telling us that “everything we know is wrong” in relation to Christianity. However, the book appears to be getting a certain amount of press and is climbing the Amazon sales ranks, so it’s worth giving it a bit of attention as the politically motivated pop-history that it is.
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Proteios1 said...

Here's another new book about revising history...the Catholic Church invented numerous authors of books to write slanderous things about our history and our faith. Martin Luther and cohorts of the time never said anything bad about the Church. They were simply heading up a new project envisioned by the Pope at the time.
Oh, but the bad stuff is all true. The inquisition was only about torturing people. There aren't entire archives about trying to implement courts for trying people rather than submitting to locals to burn witches. The true stuff is all false and the bad stuff is extra true...yeah, we know. Hre they go again.

Oh and these auto generated characters to prevent "robots" are the stupidest things I've ever experienced. And I am related to a Jesus wouldn't like the Church person...

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