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State To Mandate Coverage for Abortions

You must take part in killing:

Washington Considers Becoming First State To Mandate Insurance Companies Pay For Abortions…
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Mary De Voe said...

It is the duty of the state of Washington to protect and defend the innocent, virgin, sovereign persons who are created and endowed with an immortal soul and an unalienable right to Life by our Creator. As human beings created in sovereign personhood, the newly conceived are the standard of Justice and constitute our nation. 55 million of our constitutional posterity have been driven from this life and denied the existence of their human soul. Roe v. Wade redefined the human being as having no soul, making of man a beast of burden to the state. The state, in the form of Obamacare, is poised to eliminate each and every person because of their citizenship, with confiscatory premiums and cruel and unusual penalties for violating Obama's decree against the human being, man created inviolable and unalienable by our Creator.

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