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Same Sex Marriage Has Ruined Doctor Who for LarryD

Same sex marriage is even ruining the lives of geeks now!!! LarryD was willing to overlook a few mentions here and there of gay marriage on the BBC show, but Dr. Who has just gone too far:

The second half of Season Seven of Doctor Who starts this Saturday evening on BBC America, and I’m not going to watch it. I’m a huge fan of the show – well, at least I used to be – and when it returned to the airwaves back in 2005, after about fifteen years of exile, I was excited beyond words.
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Larry Denninger said...

Same sex marriage is even ruining the lives of geeks now!!!!

OK, that really made me laugh. One more exclamation point, though, and it would have been overkill.

Thanks for the link.

Mary De Voe said...

Government, the state, the church does not create marriage. Government, the state, and the church witness to the free will, informed consent and vows of two sovereign persons who enter into Matrimony. The vocation to and the office of husband and wife is a Sacrament of the Church. The office of and vocation to husband and wife is also a secular contract which the community and our posterity witness.
Two sovereign persons enter into matrimony, the church and the state witness their vows and consent. The fact that the Church and the state does not create matrimony leaves the persons who enter into the contract with the consent and the vows they themselves make. The informed consent of the couple is only what they bring to the Sacrament and contract. Not the Church, nor the state, can magically turn a man into a wife or a woman into a husband.
For the sake of clarity, God gave Adam the privilege of naming all of creation. Adam would not have called a homosexual relationship marriage because there can be no husband, nor wife, fake husbands and fake wives do not constitute a Sacrament, nor a contract as they become a fraud. The state or Church cannot witness to a fraud, except as a deviation from the truth.

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