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PBS: Chavez in "Immortal Club" with Jesus Christ

And we're paying for these guys to "report" the news:

On Friday, the PBS NewsHour featured a story titled "A 'Celebration of Immortality' for Hugo Chavez." This is an odd title for liberals who believe in science and would know when Hugo Chavez has assumed room temperature. But it grew worse: the segment from former BBC correspondent Matt Frei (now with ITN) actually put Chavez in a "top three" of immortality with Jesus Christ:
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Gail Finke said...

The HJuffington Post piece referenced in the article sounds egregious and bizarre. The "top three" story seems to be saying that in Venezuela, Chavez is being treated as one of the "top three" people ever, along with Jesus Christ. And that does seem to be the case. At least from the excerpt here, the reporter is not saying that -- he's reporting that hte Venezuelans are doing so. And that's his job as a reporter. The second story? Can't tell one way or the other from teh excerpt.

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