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Olympian Taps His Faith for Guidance

Some good news:

The last few months have not been kind to high-profile athletes. Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius, Suzy Favor Hamilton — all have taken big falls. The collapse of such once-storied athletes has been painful to watch and has led to increased scrutiny and skepticism of anything said by athletes, said Casey FitzRandolph, a three-time Olympian and 2002 gold medalist in 500-meter speed skating. “How could there not be more skepticism — my God, I’m skeptical of athletes,” said FitzRandolph, 38, of Cross Plains. “Unfortunately, it’s warranted.” Like many former athletes, FitzRandolph gives occasional motivational talks, so he is not immune to the increased scrutiny and is OK with it. Last Monday, he spoke to the Stoughton Fellowship of Christian Athletes about how his faith gives him a greater understanding of human weakness, including his own. His faith also helps him understand the importance of making good choices in life, he told the crowd of more than 200.
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