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Obama Wasn't the 1st Big Gov't, Anti-Catholic President

Woodrow Wilson started it. Read the sordid details st The Catholic Thing:

One hundred years ago this week Woodrow Wilson was sworn in as president. He was elected with only a 41.8 percent plurality because the Republican Party split between President William Howard Taft and former President Theodore Roosevelt. Many historians believe that Wilson’s election was a defining moment in American history. The former political science professor’s views on government and human nature (and our relationship to the state) became the foundations of Democratic Party liberalism. Historians also agree that Wilson had a dark side. He had a strong dislike of immigrants, particularly Catholics and African-Americans.
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Mary De Voe said...

Woodrow Wilson had competition in Mephistophiles for elegance and evil. Denying the human soul he went about constructing the disenfranchisement of the human being's unalienable rights to Life, Liberty anad the pursuit of Happiness. Through The Declaration on Human Rights of the United Nations, Wilson's brain child,the world is taught that human rights come from the community, denying God's creation of man's immortal, rational soul. Now, Obama seizes upon this unchained monster to deny conscience.

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