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MSM Catechism: Honor Thy Orgasm

Frank Weathers writes:

Joe Six-Pack here with a short little post on the worlds’ fascination with the orgasm. Remember my little missive on the subject before? Last Fall I noted that the orgasm had become the Alpha and Omega of our politics. But It’s more than that. Why be relegated to such a narrow sphere? The Orgasm transcends mere politics, you see, and should be rightly placed at the very center of our lives. Haven’t you been reading/viewing the Main Stream Media Catechism being beamed to every TV set, film screen, and radio station these days?
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Unknown said...

Excellent response by Fr. James Martin.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, excellent response from a Jesuit! Imagine that. You gotta love the look on that woman's face throughout the interview. She's just so utterly confused and concerned by all that Father says. That's totally the Diane Sawyer-look. She nailed it. And shows herself to be ignorant, close-minded and prejudiced. Too funny.

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