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Methodist Seminary to Remove Cross

They don't want to offend anyone:

After recently facing some financial challenges, the seminary decided to more or less literally sell itself for $50 million to a large donor who helped transform it from a Christian seminary into Claremont Lincoln University, devoted to jointly training Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Jain clergy. In celebrating the move, Claremont President Jerry Campbell bizarrely declared that Christians who seek to obey Christ’s command to evangelize non-Christians have “an incorrect perception of what it means to follow Jesus.” Officials at Claremont School of Theology are considering removing the cross from the seminary’s chapel for the sake of making the space more appropriate for Jain, Buddhist, and Islamic religious services.
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Mary De Voe said...

The atheist removed God from the public square, public discourse and culture. May their tribe dissolve.

Proteios1 said...

I'm always impressed at how these people always know more about the Biblethan the institution that gave them the Bible. They know mor about Jesus than the only institution to document his life. They know more about his teachings than those who passed it on for the past 2000 years. That's 2000 years. And amongst the relativism and I'm ok, your ok world of religion we now live in, where meaning is sort...they seem to always know better. It's like a guy living half way around the world who has never met my dad, telling me I don't know a thing about him, in spite of having half his DNA, being raised by him and staying in contact regularly since moving out of his house. Yep, makes sense to me.

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