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Media Wonders Why Pope's Not Popular with Other Jesuits

Why aren't you popular with the Chicago police department? (A little Midnight Run reference for you folks who watch too much cable television.) But I love questions like that. Why isn't Pope Francis popular with other Jesuits? Uhm. What do you think?

CBS wasted little time to play up newly-elected Pope Francis' "conservative" views on issues like abortion, same-sex "marriage", and birth control. On Thursday's CBS This Morning, Norah O'Donnell underlined how the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was "described as a staunch conservative". Allen Pizzey also used the "conservative" label, and pointed out how the Pope's doctrinal stand has "not made him popular with relatively progressive Jesuit brothers."
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Anonymous said...

Felix Dzerzhinsky was a Polish Jesuit

Unknown said...

I'm starting to get confused here. It's beginning to look that CBS's news and its show "The Price is Right" are except for the music are becoming indistinguishable.

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