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Massachusetts to Give Animals Right to Sue?

The bill would give activists the right to sue on animal's behalf:

A New Bedford Democrat has introduced a bill that would hand over the determination of what is and what is not proper and “acceptable” treatment of animals to private citizen PETA types. As in all other states animal cruelty is already a crime in Massachusetts, but of course writing new freedom restricting laws is seen as a “birth right” of liberals so that hasn’t stopped a New Bedford State Senator from cranking out a new more oppressive law. This law would let private citizens watch how you train your dog and determine whether or not to sue you on behalf of the animal. If you own a farm a PETA type loony could stand at the edge of your land writing down what he/she didn’t like and haul you into court on behalf of your livestock. One of these self- appointed “Livestock and wildlife lawyers” could watch you legally hunting on your own land and have you served with papers ordering you to defend yourself in court against charges of animal cruelty. Would anyone want to defend against animal cruelty charges in a state dripping with liberal Democrats?
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Mary De Voe said...

USEFUL IDIOTS as Lenin would have. The unborn child was denied his sovereign personhood in Roe v. Wade. Cass Sunstein, Obama's czar of propaganda, has written 35 books to make animals into persons, thereby giving Obama complete authority over our food chain. As I said before, now your pork chop can sue you.
Man is the steward of animals. It is called animal husbandry. But this law is to remove or loosen the ownership of animals by their true owners and give control over one's livestock to government. And if the fools in Massachussetts lets this happen, they are commiting treason against freedom and private property rights and they need to revert to the Massachusetts Bay Colony for their roots.

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