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Ed Morrisey Defends the Church from WaPo

Ed at Hot Air writes:

I’ve been in Rome since Friday, reporting from the Vatican and one of its media centers. I didn’t find out until yesterday that there are actually two media centers, packed with credentialed journalists, reporting on the papal conclave. I found out about the other when they closed it at 5 pm local time as the conclave procession was under way and a flood of people created a standing-room-only situation here for a while. Over 5600 journalists have been credentialed for this event, and La Sala Stampa even erected a pavillion on Via Conciliazione for broadcast networks to use St. Peter’s Square and the Basilica as a dramatic backdrop for their reports: Thus it was with amusement, and a little exasperation, that I read the Washington Post’s article on how the church that has 1.2 billion members risked irrelevancy if it didn’t change its teachings on … well, nearly everything:
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