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Comedian Tweets "God Bless Pope Francis." Atheists Pounce

Norm McDonald said some nice things about religion and then the nasties pounced (Language warning):

Comedian Norm Macdonald found himself in atheists’ cross-hairs on Monday night after he sent a series of tweets affirming his belief in God and scripture. Non-believers, clearly appalled that he joins the majority in embracing the notion of a higher power, quickly responded to his religiosity with angst and annoyance.
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Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is a new ray of Hope and starting to become a superstar! There are t-shirts already

Mary De Voe said...

Free will is certainly created by the individual creating himself. Sovereign personhood is indeed created by the person while his personality is formed by his personhood. Intellect is inherited from his ancestors, while his time on earth is measured by infinity, but his beginning, the atheist initiated himself, before he existed. Isn't it wonderful, the atheist created the earth, its inhabitants and himself, all with his free will. The atheist created existence before the atheist existed. Sanity

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