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Breitbart on How Being Adopted Shaped his Abortion Views

One of my favorite speeches given by Andrew Breitbart was about an issue he had never previously talked about -- how his adoption shaped his pro-life views. He addressed a group from Students for Life: Certainly, in Hollywood I lived in a pro-abortion culture, but there was a seed planted in me early on, literally. I’m adopted. I had never heard the pro-life point of view. The media portrayed the pro-life point of view as crazy people. So, that’s all I knew. There was a barrier; it was called cultural acceptability in my neighborhood to say that I was Pro-Choice and I did. But I never thought about the issue at all. At all.
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Unknown said...

I am adopted and reunited with my birthfamily when I was 26 years old. To support abortion in any way, shape, or form would feel like a betrayal to my people (fellow adoptees, my birthparents, and my adoptive parents).

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